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Lure (GTA IV)

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|for=[[Francis McReary]]
|reward= [[Money|$]]5000|unlocks= [[Harbouring a Grudge]] for [[Packie McReary|Packie]]|unlockedby=[[Holland Nights]] for [[Francis McReary|Francis]]
:''For the mission in [[GTA San Andreas]] see [[Lure (GTA SA)]].''<br>'''Lure''' is a mission in [[Grand Theft Auto IV]] that [[Niko Bellic]] completes for [[Francis McReary]].
'''Lure''' is a mission in == [[Grand Theft Auto IVWalkthrough]].==
[[Francis McReary|Francis]] is in trouble: greets [[Niko Bellic|Niko]] angrily by the fountain and holds him at gunpoint. He explains that although Niko killed [[Clarence Little]]has had his fate, his organization is still strongstong. NowTo avoid death, Niko has agrees to kill one the killing of ClarenceLittle's drug dealersright hand man.
Go After the [[cutscene]], hail a [[taxi]] or drive to the [[Feltzer|sports car on the East River, which has ammo for the ]] in a parking lot across [[Algonquin|town]]. Your sniper rifleammo will rise once you hop in. Drive up to the building across from nearby with the sports car. Park the dealercar and as per Francis's apartment and make your way to instructions, climb the building on the opposite side of the roofstreet. Once you get to At the vantage pointroof, a [[cutscene]] shows Little's right hand man watching TV, look into however he is not seen from the scopeof the rifle. The dealer is watching TV and canIt't be seen through s time to lure the man to the windowsomehow.
You'll see a [[Phone Numbers|number ]] on the dealer's [[wp:Telephone|phone]]: 545-555-0122. If you don't take action, eventually Francis will call you with the number. Call it and the dealer will get up to answer the phone, thinking the caller is someone named Shanniqua, possible his girlfriend. Aim the scope at his head and pull the trigger. After that, get off the roof and back to the street.
Alternatively, the player can shoot the satellite dish hanging outside the apartment. Once shot, the TV's picture goes fuzzy, and the dealer will get up to look at it, exposing himself for a clear shot. Also, the player can shoot the television and the dealer will look out the window for a very brief time and the player can put him to rest then.
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