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Bulldog (mission 1)

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This first [[Bulldog]] is a vehicle side mission in [[Grand Theft Auto 1|GTA 1]] during the [[Liberty City in GTA 1|Liberty City]] part 1 run.
Getting into the Silver (Blue?) Bulldog in South Tellberg starts this mission. There is a car in west Kings that needs to dissappear. Once you steal it, you will obtain a four-star wanted level, however there is a spray shop nearby that will take it off. You then need to drop the car off in a garage in north Kings, but once you get there, they will not take it and you realise that your mobile is being monitored. You must then answer a payphone in southeast Estoria, and then another phone in southeast Kings. You'll receive a call saying the person who did not take the car was taken care of, so now you can finally drop it off at the garage in north Kings.
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