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Sub Urban

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ImageFile:SubUrban-GTASA-Jefferson-exterior.jpg|[[Jefferson, Los Santos|Jefferson]], [[Los Santos in GTA San Andreas|Los Santos]], near the [[Jefferson Safehouse]];ImageFile:SubUrban-GTASA-Hashbury-exterior.jpg|[[Hashbury]], [[San Fierro]], near [[Hemlock Tattoo]]; andImageFile:SubUrban-GTASA-Creek-exterior.jpg|[[Creek]], [[Las Venturas]], at the Creek strip mall.
== Clothing ==
[[ImageFile:SubUrban-GTASA-interior.jpg|thumb|350px|Shared interior of all Sub Urban clothing shops in GTA San Andreas.]]
Sub Urban may be considered a lower-mid range clothing outlet, and like [[Binco]], specializes in generic attire or urbanwear popular among street gangs. However, items on offer in the store generally cost more than those in Binco, though they are still priced reasonably as most of them still cost below $100.
== Gallery ==
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ImageFile:Suburban-GTASA-logo-alternate.gif|Alternate logo, GTA San Andreas.ImageFile:SubUrban-GTASA-logo.jpg|Sub Urban billboard, GTA San Andreas.
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