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Events concerning the [[Grand Theft Auto]] series in '''1949'''.
==Real world==*February 8: [[George Cheung]] , who voices [[Wei Cheng]] in [[Grand Theft Auto V]], is born in [[:wp:Hong Kong|Hong Kong]] on February 8.*March 25: [[Tuck Milligan]] , who voices [[Barry]] in GTA V, is born in [[:wp:Kansas City, Missouri|Kansas City, Missouri]] on March 25.*April 18: [[John Braden]], who voices [[Miles O'Donovan]] in [[Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories]], is born in Little Rock, Arkansas.* May 26: [[Pam Grier]] , who voices herself in GTA V, is born in [[:wp:Winston-Salem, North Carolina|Winston-Salem, North Carolina]] on May 26.*May 26: [[Philip Michael Thomas]] , who voiced [[Lance Vance]] in [[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City]] and [[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories]], is born in [[:wp:Columbus, Ohio|Columbus, Ohio]] on May 26.*December 6: [[Maureen Silliman]] , who voices Jan Brown in GTA Vice City, is born in [[:wp:New York City|New York City]], [[:wp:New York|New York]] on December 6.
==Game world==;2D Universe*April 20: [[Chesti-Kov]] is born on April 20, in [[Georgia]].
;HD Universe*July 20: An unnamed person dies and is buried at the [[The Angels of DeathHill Valley Church]] are founded in [[San Andreas Pacific Bluffs]], [[Los Santos in GTA V|San AndreasLos Santos]].*[[Alfonso Vasquez]] is born in Mexico City, [[Mexico]].* [[Fred Quincy]] murders [[Isaac (GTA V)|Isaac]] and his secretary. He writes a confession letter to [[David Richards]] on August 14th.*[[Jon Gravelli]] is arrested for bribery.* [[The Angels of Death]] are founded in [[San Andreas in GTA V|San Andreas]].* The [[Suds Law Laundromat]] at the corner of [[Macdonald St]] and [[Strawberry Ave]] in [[Davis]], Los Santos is opened.* The [[Los Santos Panic]] baseball team win the league championship.
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