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{{infobox borough|
|image=[[File:Portland-GTAIII-montage.png|300px]]|caption=From top left: Portland as seen from [[Harwood]] (looking into [[Saint Mark's]] and [[Hepburn Heights]]), [[Portland Beach]], [[Chinatown, Portland|Chinatown]], [[Portland El]] and [[Portland Harbor]].|games = [[Grand Theft Auto III]]<br />[[Grand Theft Auto Advance]]<br />[[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas]]<br />[[Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories]]|city = Liberty City
'''Portland''' is the easternmost borough located in the [[Liberty City in GTA III Era|GTA III Era 3D Universe rendition of Liberty City]] and the first island that the player encounters in all the three [[GTA III Era3D Universe]] games based in city: [[Grand Theft Auto III]], [[Grand Theft Auto Advance]] and [[Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories]], with a small appearance in [[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas]]. Based on the industrial area of [[wp:New York City|New York City]], Portland mostly resembles the run-down areas of [[wp:Brooklyn|Brooklyn]] and [[wp:Queens|Queens]] that are located directly outside of [[wp:Manhattan|Manhattan]]. While Portland is known as a primarily industrial portion of the city, focused on varied industries and shipping, a sizable residential and commercial population does reside in the island, as the majority of the island is occupied by several non-industrial districts.
Portland consists of eleven districts, of which much of the island's industrial population is concentrated towards [[Trenton]] at the south of the island, and is within a short driving distance to [[Portland Harbor]] and [[Atlantic Quays]], which serves as seaports to the island and the city. Non-industrial properties tend to reside towards the north and west sides of the island. Portland also operates an [[Subway in GTA III|elevated train service]] with three stations ([[Rothwell Station]] in [[Hepburn Heights]], [[Kurowski Station]] in [[Chinatown, Portland|Chinatown]], and [[Baillie Station]] in [[Saint Mark's]]).
The Portland Beach area was created to look like the beachy areas in and around New York, such as [[wp:Coney Island|Coney Island]] and [[wp:Fire Island, New York|Fire Island]], which are near the shores of [[wp:Staten Island|Staten Island]] and [[wp:Long Island|Long Island]], respectively. Chinatown, obviously enough, takes its inspiration from the [[wp:Chinatown, Manhattan|Manhattan neighborhood of the same name]]. The Saint Mark's district takes it name from [[wp:Little Italy, Manhattan|Little Italy]] in Manhattan. Trenton takes its inspiration from [[wp:New Jersey|New Jersey's]] [[wp:Trenton, New Jersey|capital city]] and the Red Light District resembles Manhattan's [[wp:42nd Street (Manhattan)|42nd Street]] of the 1980s.
==Places of interest==
[[File:Chinatown-GTAIII-park.jpg|thumb|right|240px|Little China Park in GTA III.]]
:''See also: [[:Category:Places in Portland|Places in Portland]]''
*[[Harwood Autocrusher and Junkyard]]*[[Little China Park]]*[[Sex Club Seven|Luigi's Sex Club 7 ]]*[[Marco's Bistro]]*[[Momma's Restaurante]]*[[Old School Hall]]*[[Salvatore's Gentlemen's Club]].
==Access to other areas==
[[File:CallahanBridge-GTALCS-Portland.jpg|thumb|left|240px|The Callahan Bridge seen from Portland in 1998.]]
The [[Callahan Bridge]] is a major bridge linking Portland to [[Staunton Island]], and is one of two ways to cross the body of water dividing the two aforementioned boroughs. During the events of GTA Liberty City Stories, the bridge is under construction, but the player is still able to traverse the bridge, thanks to a ramp. After the events of GTA Liberty City Stories, the bridge was most likely completed, as the information pickup on the Portland end says that it would be completed May [[1998]]. It would still be used by [[2000]], the setting of GTA Advance. However, by [[2001]], a bomb [[Introduction (GTA III)|destroyed a major part]] of the Callahan Bridge. It would take some time for it to be repaired and for it to be fully functional again.
[[File:Portland-GTAIII-PortlandView.jpg|thumb|220px|right|A rainy afternoon in the industrial district of Portland, with the Portland El in the foreground, in [[Grand Theft Auto III|GTA III]].]]
[[File:Portland-GTAIII-neighbourhoodsmap.png|thumb|150px|left|Map of the neighbourhoods of Portland in GTA III.]]
Portland is made up of the following neighbourhoods:
{| align="center"
|<gallery width="auto" perrow="5" style="font-size:95%; padding:0;" widths="160">
File:AtlanticQuays-GTAIII-panorama.jpg|[[Atlantic Quays]]File:CallahanPoint-GTAIII-eastwards.jpg|[[Callahan Point]]File:Chinatown-GTAIII-westarch.jpg|[[Chinatown, Portland|Chinatown]]File:Harwood-GTAIII-westwards.jpg|[[Harwood]]File:HepburnHeights-GTAIII.jpg|[[Hepburn Heights]]File:PortlandBeach-GTAIII-northwards.jpg|[[Portland Beach]]File:PortlandHarbor-GTAIII-northeastwards.jpg|[[Portland Harbor]]File:PortlandBeach-GTAIII-PortlandRock.jpg|[[Portland Rock]]File:PortlandView-GTAIII-northwards.jpg|[[Portland View]]File:RedLightDistrict-GTAIII-northwards.jpg|[[Red Light District]]File:SaintMark's-GTAIII-northwards.jpg|[[Saint Mark's]]File:Trenton-GTAIII-Aerialview.JPEG|[[Trenton]]
===Other===<center><gallerywidth="auto" perrow="5" style="font-size:95%; padding:0; text-align:left" widths="180">File:SaintMark'sBistro-GTASA3.jpg|The climate of Portland (to be a bit more specific, [[Saint Mark's]]) as depicted in [[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas]]. This is the only time snow was featured in the whole [[Grand Theft Auto]] series.File:Harwoodferryterminal-GTALCS.jpg|The [[Ferry]] terminal in [[Harwood]].File:PorterTunnel-GTAIII-Portlandend.jpg|The Portland entrance/exit of the [[Porter Tunnel]].File:Portland-GTALCS-Artwork.jpg|Loading screen of Portland in GTA Liberty City Stories.File:Portland-GTAIII-map.jpg|Map of Portland</gallery></center>
The following people is currently residing or have resided in Portland:
*[[8-Ball]]*[[Billy (GTA A)|Billy]]*[[Curly Bob]]*[[El Burro (GTA III)|El Burro]]*[[Carl]]*[[Giovanni Casa]]*[[Cheryl]]*[[Chico]]*[[Lee Chong]]*[[Marty Chonks]]*[[Mrs. Chonks]]*[[Vincenzo Cilli]]*[[Ma Cipriani]]*[[Toni Cipriani]]*[[Claude]]
*[[Federico]]*[[Mike Forelli]]*[[Sonny Forelli]]*[[Cedric Fotheringay]]*[[Luigi Goterelli]]*[[Mickey Hamfists]]*[[Harry]]*[[Jane Hopper]]*[[Oily Johnnie]]*[[Carl Johnson]]*[[Jonnie]]*[[Maria Latore]]*[[Lee]]*[[Kai Lee]]*[[Joey Leone]]
*[[Salvatore Leone]]*[[Mona Lott]]*[[Mike]]*[[Mike (GTA SA)|Mike]]*[[Misty]]*[[Joseph Daniel O'Toole]]*[[Raven]]*[[Ray]]*[[Scorelli]]*[[Slick]]*[[Dan Sucho]]*[[Reed Tucker]]*[[Tommy Vercetti]]*[[Vinnie]]*[[Mr. Wong]]
*The name "Portland" could be derived from several locations throughout the world; [[wp:Portland, Maine|Portland, Maine]] and [[:wp:Portland, Oregon|Portland, Oregon]] are the most prominent areas named Portland in the United States and the [[wp:Isle of Portland|Isle of Portland, England]] are the most common thoughts for the origin of the name. There are also [[wp:Portland|many more places called Portland throughout the world]].*The name could just be a name for a place filled with wharfs, harbors and ports, and not be a reference to any specific location.
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