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The following are dialog and mission scripts as given during "Sue Me Sushi" in Grand Theft Auto Advance.

Mission script

Asuka Kasen: Mike-san, do you smell that odor? That's the smell of rotten blowfish and someone's been delivering it to my chain of sue-me sushi restaurants. I want you to track down the culprit and bring him back here. Make sure you bring his truck with the evidence back here; I can use it against the fisherman's union. Be quick about it, I can't afford the lawsuits that are piling up.

Mike: What do I do with the innocent drivers?

Asuka Kasen: By all means, do your best to apologize and I'll compensate them for their troubles. Of course if they resist, you have my permission to bloody your hands on them. Fistfights will be tolerated by the fisherman's union but anything more vicious and I'll have hell to pay.

Mike: I'm curious, what's the fascination with blowfish?

Asuka Kasen: Done properly, it provides a pleasant numbness to the lips. Let me show you what I mean, darling.

Mike: I don't mix business with pleasure, Asuka. Perhaps when you're done with my services.

Asuka Kasen: You're no fun, Mike-san! You can't resist my charms for much longer...

(Mike leaves Asuka's and locates one of the delivery trucks)

Truck Driver: What the hell you hit my truck for?

Mike: Just stand back for a bit while I check your truck... Hmm, everything looks okay. Sorry about the confusion.

Truck Driver: Confusion? I'll show you confusion, punk. I'm going to kick the crap out of you until you forget your name.

(Mike punches the truck driver)

Truck Driver: You damn broke my jaw, punk. You can have the damn fish, it ain't worth fighting over.

(Mike locates a second delivery truck)

Truck Driver #2: What's going on here, sonny? You crazy or something?

Mike: Easy guy, I need to cargo... no, you're clean - everything looks good.

Truck Driver #2: Look clean? Hell, what's that got to do with anything? Boy, I'm going to rearrange your pretty-boy face.

(Mike punches the second truck driver)

Truck Driver #2: Damn lucky punch, son! I haven't had a shellacking like this since my third wife. We'll see what the police think of all this.

Mike: That only leaves one suspect. I hope he's the culprit, I'm sick of muckin' around in these blasted fish trucks!

(Mike locates the third truck and begins to follow it)

Truck Driver #3: What's the big idea of tailgating? I have a very busy schedule and no time for this!

Mike: Calm down, guy. This will only take a second. Hmm... what's that smell? It's stinky fish! You're the one delivering bad blowfish!

Truck Driver #3: Damn you and your meddling! The Yardies put me up to this... it wasn't my idea!

Mike: King Courtney's up to his old tricks, huh? You're coming with me.

Truck Driver #3: You'll never take me alive. Ha! Ha!

(Mike hurts the third truck driver)

Truck Driver #3: You win! I give up... I'm probably going to my slaughter with Asuka but I'll take my chances.

(If Mike kills the truck driver)

Asuka Kasen (pager): Have you found him yet? I'm getting impatient, Mike-san! Asuka.

(If Mike spares the truck driver, he drives the delivery truck and the third truck driver back to Asuka's)

Asuka Kasen: Mike-san, you're amazing! You've brought that bastard back to me alive and in one piece!

Mike: He didn't come willingly but he came. He didn't think much of his chances of mercy from you.

Asuka Kasen: Oh but I am merciful! First, I'll pluck out his eyes so he doesn't see himself being fed to the blowfish.

Mike: You're one sick lady, Asuka. I'll be seeing you around.

(If Mike kills the truck driver, he drives the delivery truck and the corpse of the third truck driver to Asuka's)

Asuka Kasen: Well, I see the culprit didn't make it to me alive. What a pity but no matter, he should make a nice meal for the blowfish though.

Mike: I shudder at the thought. Let one of your goons take care of that business.

Asuka Kasen: My dear Mike-san, you must be tired. Why don't you take a rest in my beautiful bed?

Mike: I'd rather get this fish smell off of me, Asuka. I'll be seeing you.

Post mission pager script

Asuka Kasen: Mike-san, what do you know of the import-export business? Come see me. Asuka.