Taken For A Ride

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Taken For A Ride
Maria Latore telling Toni Cipriani that she wants to go out.

Maria Latore telling Toni Cipriani that she wants to go out.
Game GTA Liberty City Stories
For Maria Latore
Location Saint Mark's, Portland, Liberty City
Reward $500
Unlocks Booby Prize
Unlocked by Shop 'Til You Strop

Taken For A Ride is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories given to protagonist Toni Cipriani by Maria Latore from her home in Saint Mark's, Portland, Liberty City.


Toni drops by Maria's apartment, with Maria on her cell phone to her dealer. Maria decides to meet the dealer in Chinatown to buy some "sugar", with Toni driving her to the dealer, which is revealed to be a Sindacco member, accompanied by a Sindacco driver in a Sindacco Argento. After Maria enters the Argento to conduct the deal, the meeting is revealed to be a Sindacco trap, as they attempt to kidnap Maria by driving away in the car.

Toni is required to give stop the Sindacco kidnappers by repeatedly ramming their car (but not completely destroying it), until the kidnappers exit the vehicle, to which point Toni may kill. After the kidnappers are dead, Maria rejoins Toni, hailing him as her hero, and asks that he drop her back off at her apartment. As they arrive, Maria asks if Toni could come in for "coffee", but Toni declines.


Maria Latore: Stop it! One of Salvatore's dogs is bringing me right over... ...oh he's a charmer. Maybe too thin though. ...yeah. So, listen, I wanna party, but the cupboard is bare. You got some sugar? Pure cane huh? Great. Ciao. Come on Toni. I've got places I need to be.

(Maria and Toni exit her apartment)

Maria Latore: Let's move it. My dealer won't hang around all day.

(Toni drives Maria to the dealer)

Maria Latore: There they are. Just pull in behind them, there's a good boy.

Toni Cipriani: I'm not sure I like this.

Maria Latore: It's sweet you're worried. But, I'm Salvatore's girl, I'll be fine.

(Maria enters the dealers car)

Maria Latore: I ain't going anywhere with you! Who the hell do you think you are?

Man: Drive!

Maria Latore: Toni!

Toni Cipriani: Oh shit!

(Toni saves Maria from the dealer)

Toni Cipriani: Happy now?

Maria Latore: Toni Cipriani. My Hero! You know what? I'm all partied out. Take me home stud.

(Toni drops Maria off at her apartment)

Maria Latore: So, uh, you wanna come up... for a... uh... coffee or somethin'?

Toni Cipriani: I'll pass.

Maria Latore: You sure? Well, call me.


The reward for the mission is $500 and completing the mission unlocks the Booby Prize mission for Maria Latore.



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