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the problem is not this page, but the articles of the districts of Liberty City 1

Very little information and almost all pages have one or two lines only, for example:


  • "Brocklyn is a district located in The Eastern landmass of Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto, it is based on Brooklyn .The district is bordered by Ardler to the north, Kings to the east and Tellberg to the west."

It would be best to merge all articles to Districts and areas of Liberty City in GTA 1

It is a strong disagree from me. The articles need to be expanded not merged. Otherwise we would also have to do this for all the districts of Liberty City in GTA III Era. Each deserve their own article as much as say Harwood. A-Dust 02:06, 13 December 2010 (UTC)

New Guernsey split

Just because the wiki asserts that Alderney and Liberty City in GTA IV are seperate localities (and I still dispute that) doesn't mean the same logic can be applied here. As far as the game goes, both New Guernsey and the rest of the city exists as a single entity, just like the entirety of San Andreas and Vice City in GTA1. The split is neither consistent with the presentation of the other two cities, nor comprehensive because it fragments information. A merge is in order. - ZS 04:20, 29 April 2011 (BST)