The Hen House

The Hen House is a bar and nightclub located at the intersection of Duluoz Ave and Paleto Blvd in Paleto Bay, Blaine County appearing in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. The nightclub had been foreclosed on by the bank and can be purchased, through Dynasty 8, by Franklin Clinton, Michael De Santa or Trevor Philips, after the mission Nervous Ron, for $80,000. The business, which earns $920 per week, is run by Logan who occasionally contacts the player requesting help in getting alcohol to the premises and to help with attacks from gang members and robberies.

Logan's email

[email protected]

A new cock in the Hen House!

Mr. Clinton/De Santa/Philips,

I believe you're now the proud owner of the classiest gentleman's bar in town! At least that's what we keep telling ourselves! I'm the manager at the Hen House so I'll be your main point of contact. Hope I won't have to trouble you too much but you never know in this business! Congratulations again. You're clearly a wise investor - nothing more recession-proof than booze and titties, right?

Best wishes,

-The Hen House


  • One of the possible events when switching to Trevor is him being ejected from the nightclub by two bouncers. This continues to occur even if Trevor purchases the property.
  • The suggested route for alcohol deliveries takes the place past Stab City, which if playing as Trevor, will see The Lost Brotherhood attack the player and possibly damage the alcohol.
  • Two prostitutes can be found beind the nightclub, along Duluoz Ave.