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An aerial view of Stab City after the events of Friends Reunited.

Stab City is an unincorporated RV park in Blaine County, San Andreas appearing in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. Stab City, close to the Grand Senora Desert, is filled with trailers owned by a chapter of The Lost Brotherhood, which moved to Blaine County following the Lost Civil War in Liberty City in 2008. Stab City is located off of Calafia Rd.


Stab City is built on a trash-ridden lot in a dry area near the Alamo Sea. The settlement features a cul-de-sac and rusty pick-up trucks, Lost MC vans and a large quantity of Hexers spawn in the area. There are a lot of haphazardly placed trailers with makeshift furniture and rusty ceilings. Several rusty car wrecks can be found in Stab City, especially the outskirts. On the southwestern end of the settlement is a partially fenced trailer with a highly explosive gas tank within the fenced area. Several Lost members spawn in the area and will usually become hostile (always for Trevor), though few of them carry guns. After Trevor Philips' rampage, many trailers were reduced to smoldering wrecks, after Trevor planted explosives on several of the mobile homes.

Events of the HD Universe

In 2013, during the events of GTA Online, a Lost van is stolen by the protagonist for Trevor Philips, who wanted the van to have sex with Ashley Butler and to annoy her boyfriend Johnny Klebitz. Trevor later kills Johnny in a fit of rage and later follows some of the Lost bikers to Stab City. Upon arrival the gang begins to shoot Trevor who kills the gang members, including Clay Simons and Terry Thorpe. Some surviving Lost members later hold a funeral ceremony at the RV park. While the bikers mourn their dead, Trevor sneaks around planting bombs on a number of trailers before detonating them, destroying the trailers and killing the Lost gang members in attendance before leaving for Los Santos.

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GTA Online


  • A mural for The Lost Brotherhood can be found inside Stab City. The mural reads "The Lost MC Los Santos" despite Stab City being located nearly three miles away by road from the northern most areas of Los Santos