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Appearances GTA Chinatown Wars
Full Name Thug


Gender Gender::Male
Date of Death 2009
Home Liberty City

The Thug is a character in who appears in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. He is a member of a bunch of unnamed, unorganized street thugs, that try to move in on Algonquin Triads turf.

The Thug and his crew decide to attack one of Wu "Kenny" Lee restaurants in an attempt to start taking over the town. Triads Ling Shan and Huang Lee are tasked with heading over to protect the shop.

Upon arrival, Huang and Ling are told by the chef that the thugs have the manager around back. Huang and Lee enter the alley, where the lead Thug confronts them, stating that they should go tell Kenny that this town is now theirs.

Ling insults the Thug, and the Thug pulls out a shotgun and kills Ling before running back behind the restaurant. Huang chases him, and murders him and his other four thugs, rescuing the manager as Ling's body is taken away by an ambulance down on the street.

Mission appearance

GTA Chinatown Wars

Murder committed