Two-Hand Toss

Two-Hand Toss
Mike confronting the star quarterback
Mike confronting the star quarterback

Mike confronting the star quarterback
Game GTA Advance
For Asuka Kasen
Target Football player
Location Bedford Point, Staunton Island, Liberty City
Reward $10,000
Unlocks Scorned Lover

Two-Hand Toss is a mission in Grand Theft Auto Advance, given to protagonist Mike by Yakuza co-leader Asuka Kasen from the a building in Bedford Point on Staunton Island, Liberty City.


Asuka Kasen is involved in the gambling business and wants Mike to make sure that she can make a lot of money from a football match. The visiting Vice City Mambas are favourites to beat the Liberty City Cocks. However, Asuka explains that if their quarterback suffered a broken arm the chances for a Liberty City Cocks victory would improve. Mike drives to the Liberty City Memorial Stadium and locates the quarterback. Mike then begins to beat the quarterback with a baseball bat, injuring him, and then escapes the stadium and the pursuing Vice City Mambas players. Asuka pages Mike to congratulate him, as the police report states that the injury was a result of practising without pads.


Asuka Kasen: Mike-san, I find myself growing fonder for you minute by minute. I've grown attached to you and want you for all my bloody missions. As you know, I have my hands involved in gambling and one important area is sports. Now the Vice City Mambas are coming into town and our hometown favorites - the Liberty City Cocks - are the heavy underdogs. If Vice's quarterback were to suffer a broken arm, I could stand to gain a lot from the early betting.

Mike: I take it you only want me to injure the quarterback and not kill him, right?

Asuka Kasen: That's right, darling - no guns, just hand-to-hand or a baseball bat if you feel intimidated. Oh, and leave the rest of the players alone... they have to be able to field a full roster come Sunday.

(Mike drives to the Liberty City Memorial Stadium)

Player: Please! No autographs while I'm practicing. The nerve of some fans.

Mike: I'm going to autograph your face with my knuckles, jockstrap.

Player: Oh, no you didn't! You think I'm going to let that one go cause I'm afraid of some multi-million dollar lawsuit? Here comes... the thunder!

(Mike beats up the football player)

Player: Dammit! You broke my arm! My quarterback days are through! What will I do now?

Mike: Hire a speech coach and become an announcer. Better pull your team back or I'll unleash... the lightning!

Asuka Kasen (pager): Yatta! Good job, Mike-san. Leave the quarterback alone now and come back to me. Asuka.

(Mike begins to drive away)

Asuka Kasen (pager): Mike-san, nicely done! The police report said they reported it as a result of practicing without pads. They must have been embarassed to have been beaten by a lone guy. Go Cocks!

Post Mission Pager Script

Asuka Kasen: Mike-san, come to me quickly! Man knows no wrath like a woman scorned! Asuka.


The reward for completing the mission is $10,000. The mission Scorned Lover is unlocked by completing the mission.

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