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Not Another Buddy Movie is a parody/crossover story by yours truly, combining Eloise and Splinter Cell into a unique, crazy mashup. Although this one was based on Splinter Cell, many events, plot elements, characters and stuff from the Grand Theft Auto III series are involved, which explains why I posted this one here.

OK, I'm still working on this one, it's a mashup/crossover combining a video game, a children's book and a bunch of movies; it's still in the early stages, but I now have a basic idea regarding this story. Sam Fisher was ordered by Lambert to baby-sit Eloise, a six-year old hooligan living in the New York Plaza, since the kid's Nanny went sick...

Suggestions about this GTA fic are welcome; feel free to talk about this at the discussion page...


The following is a timeline of events in the canon of NABM, well, just to give you guys a little back-story about its characters.


  • The Plaza Hotel, designed by Henry Janeway Hardenbergh, was opened to the public on October 1, 1907.


  • Conrad Hilton bought the Plaza for $7.4 million in 1943 and spent $6 million to refurbish the original.


  • Eloise's Nanny is born.



  • Sam Fisher is born.



  • William, the room service guy and Eloise's homie, is born.


  • Donald Trump bought the Plaza for $407.5 million.



  • Toni Cipriani bought the Plaza for $700 million from Donald Trump.


  • The Third Echelon was established.


  • Eloise's mum began working for the NSA.


  • The events of Not Another Buddy Movie took place.


Sam Fisher

Introduced in "Prologue: A Call From Mama"; Third Echelon scene

He was an operative of Third Echelon, a clandestine division of the National Security Agency. Fisher is extremely agile and an expert in the art of stealth. Fisher was the first person to be recruited as a field operative of the "Splinter Cell" program for Third Echelon. Although somewhat reluctant, Sam accepted Lambert's offer to take care of Eloise, since he had nothing else to do besides doing nothing in his townhouse.


Introduced in "Prologue: A Call From Mama"; Penthouse scene

A city child, Eloise had been an NYC resident since she was little. She lives in the Plaza, room 1602 to be exact. She's a bit of a nuisance and a party crasher, yet loved by her homies at the hotel.

Sam was ordered by Lambert to take care of her after her Nanny went sick; Eloise's missions often involve running errands, such as trips to the toy store or her friends.

Mr. Salamone

Introduced in "Mr. Salamone"

The manager of the Plaza Hotel; he makes sure that everything runs smoothly at the Plaza. He's rather strict and acts seriously. Despite being somewhat pissed off at the girl's antics, he often smiles and says "Hi!" at the kid.


Introduced in "Prologue: A Call From Mama"; Penthouse scene

Bill's one of the waiters at the Plaza, and a close friend of Eloise. Every morning, he brings room-service breakfast at the kid (and her pets, too). In the evenings, he attends theater school; in one chapter, Sam had to drive Eloise and Bill to Yuko, the girl's buddy and escort the waiter to school.


Eloise's close friend and governess; she somewhat influenced the girl's way of speaking, adding a little British accent to the words Eloise speaks. She got sick (as in, really sick) in the story, which explains why Sam had to take care of the kid. She is an unseen character in the story (I might revise it, though), who only appeared in a phone call with Eloise, explaining her condition.

Toni Cipriani

Introduced in "Dear Toni"

The present owner of the Plaza; after his successes in the gangsta scene, he went on buying the Plaza from Mr. Trump after leaving the Leone Family, which fell in disarray after the death of Salvatore Leone. He always smiles and greets at Eloise, whom he admired, since he had no children.

Ms. Thompson

Born Catherine L. Fink, Kay is an American author, composer, musician, actress, and singer, best known for her stories about her friend Eloise. She works at the Plaza lobby, assisting guests who check in and out of the hotel.

Carl Johnson

CJ is one of the leading members (later co-leader) of the Grove Street Families (GSF), along with his brother, Sean "Sweet" Johnson. He checked in the Plaza, and made a rather comic cameo appearance...

Sofia Vassilieva

Introduced in "Flowers For Sofia"

Sofia's a Russian-American child actress, known for her role in the TV series Medium and Eloise. Her brief appearance in the story is an obvious parallel; she checked in the Plaza in 2003 for the TV movie; Eloise told her that the reason why Sonya "haven't seen a trace" of her was because she "was out on a vacation", one of the many excuses the Plaza Hotel staff say to kids in real life.

Sam had to escort her to one of her associates, who lives in Brooklyn, fearing that some paparazzi mob might harass her, Britney Spears-style.


Movies/Games/TV Shows

  • The Sopranos
  • 24
  • Initial D
  • Grand Theft Auto
  • Mamma Mia!
  • Eloise At The Plaza
  • Splinter Cell
  • You've Got Served
  • Bratz: The Movie
  • Strawberry Shortcake
  • The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift
  • The Matrix Reloaded


  • Sam Fisher
  • Gerard Butler as Leonidas
  • Sofia Vassilieva as Eloise - She also appeared as herself in Flowers For Sofia
  • Karl Lagerfeld - Briefly appeared in one chapter; Eloise stated that Karl's a friend and a close associate of her mother
  • Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer - Appeared in Pwned In 24 Hours
  • Christine Baranski as Prunella Stickler (Eloise at The Plaza)/Tanya (Mamma Mia!)
  • Kay Thompson
  • Carl "CJ" Johnson
  • Dakota Fanning
  • Lance Vance
  • OG Loc
  • Ludacris
  • 50 Cent
  • Michael Jackson


  • New York Plaza, New York City
  • Manila, Philippines (certain chapters)

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