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Jeffrey Cross
Appearances GTA San Andreas
Full Name Jeffrey Cross
Aliases OG Loc


Gender Gender::Male
Place of Birth Los Santos
Nationality American
Home House in Ganton, Los Santos
Main Affiliations Sweet
Carl Johnson
Big Smoke
Grove Street Families
Jimmy Silverman
Businesses Music industry
Occupation Rap artist
Voiced by Jonathan Anderson

For the mission, see OG Loc (mission).

Jeffrey Cross, better known as OG Loc, is a character in the 3D Universe who appears as a supporting character in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. He is a rapper and member of the Grove Street Families. He is voiced by Jonathan Anderson.

Character history

Early life

Jeffrey Cross was born in the poorer neighborhoods of Los Santos, presumably in Ganton, where he later owns a home. Cross did well at school and had planned on going to college, being encouraged to do so by friend and Grove Street Families leader Sweet, but instead decided to pursue his dream of becoming a successful rapper. He chose the nickname OG Loc and began to commit various crimes in order to imprisoned, to boost his career by making himself appear to be a criminal. He mainly committed traffic violations and, sometime prior to 1992, was arrested by the Los Santos Police Department and sent to prison. He was imprisoned with Freddy, a member of the Los Santos Vagos, who later implies that he raped Loc, who denies it and says that he had stolen his rhymes.

In 1992 he is released from prison and met by Sweet, Big Smoke and Carl Johnson, who mock his appearance and his previous idea of attending college. Loc, however, decides to prove to himself to them and get revenge against Freddy. The four drive to Freddy's home in East Los Santos, with Carl deciding to stay with Loc. Freddy leaves his home and gets on to a motorcycle, fleeing from the angry Loc while also taunting him, saying that he no longer needed him for sex. Loc and Carl chase him down and kill him, before Carl drives Loc to his new job at the Marina branch of the fast food restaurant chain Burger Shot, given to him upon his release from prison.

Working at Burger Shot

Loc later discovers that he is the sanitation technician, or cleaner, at the restaurant and reluctantly does his job, being visited by Carl on numerous occasions. On the first occasion, Loc asks Carl to steal a sound system in the back of a van, which Carl achieves. Carl again visits to find Loc rapping in the restaurants toilets, with a patron telling him that he 'sucked'. Carl suggests getting a writer to help him with lyrics and Loc asks him to steal Madd Dogg's rhyme book from his mansion, which Carl does.

Carl visits him once again and this time meets the manager, initially not knowing 'Loc' but later tells him that Jeffrey had been promoted to Appliance Technician. Loc, upon meeting Carl, tells him that he has been blackballed by Alan Crawford, Madd Dogg's manager, and asks him to kill him after he leaves an awards ceremony in Vinewood. Carl manages to get one of the vehicles in the motorcade carrying Crawford and, after he enters the vehicle, Carl locks the doors and drives the car off a pier in Verona Beach, bailing out at the last second.

Rap career

OG Loc at his house party during the mission House Party.

After Carl had killed Crawford, Loc quits his job as a janitor and violates his probation, deciding to hold a house party before he is sent back to prison. Carl later attends the party and meets Ryder, who both mock Loc's rapping and lyrics. Carl, Ryder and Sweet, also in attendance, are later forced to enter Grove Street to fend off a Ballas attack and are disappointed that they missed the start of the real party, which had begun after Loc had stopped rapping.

Loc continued to perform on the underground circuit and, after the downfall of the Grove Street Families, former member Big Smoke became rich quickly through his involvement in the drugs trade and used his money to get Loc a contract with Blastin' Fools Records. Loc, despite his squeaky voice released his first and only album, Str8 From Tha Streetz, using Madd Dogg's rhyme book. Shortly afterwards a clothing line, Loc-Down (referring to his time in prison) is brought out and is sold by the Victim clothing company.

Loc is also interviewed by Lazlow on his Entertaining America show on West Coast Talk Radio, where he criticizes Lazlow for mispronouncing his name. Loc is also openly supported by Big Smoke, who states that Loc is a real gangster while also saying that he is a philanthropist trying to stop the use of drugs in the city, so that "either way, you can feel good about yourself listening to this music!". Loc's public relations team also attempted to cover up his poor rapping voice by stating that he used "a whole new style of hip hop, fusing dancehall reggae, nursery rhymes and straight gangsta into a str8 bundle of energy and hatred".

Fall from grace

OG Loc, with Madd Dogg's rhyme book, being confronted by Madd Dogg and Carl Johnson in the Blastin' Fools Records building in the mission Cut Throat Business.

Loc's successful rap career came to an end when Madd Dogg, after almost committing suicide, recovers from depression with the help of Carl Johnson, not knowing of his involvement in the events leading to his depression. Carl later helps Madd Dogg to locate Loc, with the two chasing him using hovercrafts around western Los Santos. They eventually chase him into the Blastin' Fools Records building, where they meet Loc's manager Jimmy Silverman who, after learning that Loc was in possession of Madd Dogg's rhyme book, threatened to sue him.

Loc is later dropped from the label and loses the support from Big Smoke, following his death in his hideout in East Los Santos at the hands of Carl Johnson. Loc, whose album was poorly received, 'disappeared without a trace' according to Big Smilky, who also states that many view him as the worst rapper in history. Loc then faded away and did not release another album.

Mission appearances

GTA San Andreas

Murders committed


  • Str8 From Tha Streetz, the only album released by OG Loc, can be found in Grand Theft Auto IV in Niko Bellic's safehouse in Bohan and in The Ballad of Gay Tony in Luis Fernando Lopez' safe house in Northwood and in the DJ area of Bahama Mama's.
  • The beta name of OG Loc was Jeffrey Martin, while his rap name was to be MC Strap.
  • When Madd Dogg asks CJ on "how does an idiot like Loc make it in the rap game", CJ replies that "it's all showmanship and dance routines", referring to the early 90s trend of pop rap by MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice and others, although Loc states on Entertaining America when asked to dance "I ain't down with that shit, it ain't gangsta!".
  • OG Loc is also a mocking parody of Ja Rule, although Ja Rule was not famous until 1999, seven years after the setting of GTA San Andreas. Both men are named "Jeffrey", portray themselves alike, and Ja Rule was also accused of stealing rhymes and other style notes from frequent collaborator DMX. Rumours circulate that he was a parody of Ja Rule due to Rockstar Games' attempts to have 50 Cent voice Carl Johnson, as 50 Cent was involved in a rivalry with Ja Rule at the time.
  • When listening to some radio shows featuring OG Loc, his voice is much deeper and doesn't break. He most likely edited his high pitched voice for the radio to sound more appealing.
  • Oddly, even though OG Loc is a member of Grove Street Families, he sports a pair of purple jeans, the color of their arch rivals the Ballas.
  • OG Loc has his own clothing company named "Loc Down". A Loc Down tee can be found at Victim.


OG Loc's rap song