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Received after Message Positive reply Negative reply
Escuela of the Streets [email protected] Thank you. Moj dragi sine,

thank you for your e mail. It made me cry. At least you are well and happy. I know you cannot live here and be well. I hope happiness finds you. Look after cousin. He is good boy. I dream of both of you settling down with nice women. It is what his mother would have wanted, as well. I will write soon.

Your loving mother.


Catch the Wave [email protected] Wedding bells? Moj dragi sine,

I hear Roman is getting married! I am so excited. I also heard you had a nice girl, and you could not seem to commit to her? I wish I could make it to the wedding. Have a good time, my son. I am so proud of you both. s ljubavlju,

Tvoja veoljena majka.


[email protected] Great News Niko,

Great news! Mallorie agreed to marry me! I am so happy. I am going to be a family man. I am so excited - we have had our ups and downs, but she's been a good friend, and once I stopped cheating on her and we became exclusive, it's been great. I cannot wait to marry her. One problem - no more threesomes!

See ya later


Cousin, I am so happy for you. I imagine Brucie will be pissed off - missing out on all those threesomes. Good for you, cousin. Not so good for Mallorie having to sleep with you for the rest of her life though. Maybe she'll let you bring in some more men for threesomes after a while.