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The following is a script of all dialogue heard during friendship activities with Patrick McReary in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Conversation one

Patrick: Niko boy, how's it going? What's happening with you?

Niko: This and that, you know? Trying to make ends meet.

Patrick: Aren't we all, Niko. Aren't we all. Well, sometimes we're trying to keep out heads above the water, other times we're trying to drown ourselves in it. You feel that way, you ever feel that need to obliterate yourself?

Niko: Maybe sometimes, I mainly try to focus my need to destroy things onto other people.

Patrick: That's because you ain't Irish. If an Irishman ain't beating himself up he's beating up his family. With me, it's myself. My pa was different. It's this fucking chop that's screwing me at the moment. I can't go out an look for chicks without it, but once I'm out I'm in the can most of the night doing rails. After all that there ain't a chance in hell of me being able to get hard. It's a fucking Catch-22. I got to cut down on the shit.

Niko: That might be a good idea, man.

Conversation two

Patrick: You alright Niko boy?

Niko: Sure. How you doing?

Patrick: As long as I don't think about things, fantastic!

Niko: Sometimes, I think that is true for all of us.

Patrick: Sure - I reckon it is - maybe that's why the world is divided into the drunk and the miserable?

Niko: Maybe.

Patrick: Although my dad was both - drunk and miserable. Right fucking idiot.

Niko: I'm sorry about that.

Patrick: He messed the whole fucking family up, I reckon. I used to think I loved him, then I realized I hated him. Drunken bastard. Fuck him.

Niko: Has he been dead long?

Patrick: Yes, but not long enough. I wish he'd been drowned at birth, got rid of the lot of us.

Niko: You're not very cheerful today.

Patrick: No... I'm sorry. Happy thoughts, puppies and little girls smiling and clowns and all that shit.

Conversation three

Patrick: You're getting to know the McReary family pretty good, Niko boy. What's left of it at least.

Niko: You're good people. I like it how you have stayed together.

Patrick: All of us except for Francis. We stayed together when it was possible. I guess we got Ma to thank for that. Taking us to church and cooking a big lunch for the family on a Sunday. When Gerry first went to juvie, she kept laying a place at the table for him. That was until my pa got into a drunken rage one week and threw Gerry's plate against the wall.

Niko: What happened?

Patrick: Ma didn't even flinch. She just sat there. The next week, Gerald's place at the table was empty.

Niko: She must be a strong woman.

Patrick: That's what I thought at first, now I just rekon it was denial. She's got this power to switch off. When Pa would get drunk and do things. She'd just glaze over. I dunno, she's me ma but I ain't gonna understand that.

Niko: There is a lot that I am never going to understand, Packie. A whole fucking lot.

Conversation four

Patrick: How you doing?

Niko: Okay, you know?

Patrick: Sure - great apart from all the blood and guilt hey... kind of messed up, this kind of life isn't it?

Niko: Yes.

Patrick: But then, what's the alternative? Be a hero with feet of clay or be a drunk and a thug and a killer, but at least you ain't a fucking hypocrite?

Niko: I don't know.

Patrick: Bury your brother, bury your dad, but at least you can look in the mirror and feel okay? Feel like a man?

Niko: I saw my brother get killed, a long time ago, he was a good friend of Roman's too. We never speak about it.

Patrick: I'm sorry.

Niko: I knew you could understand that grief.

Patrick: Pain comes easy to the McReary's. Pain and remorse and doing whatever we can to forget about them.

Niko: Yes.

Patrick: Maybe we're all hypocrites. All imbeciles. Francis - you know about Francis - he wanted to be a priest.

Niko: Really?

Patrick: He got thrown out of the seminary, for cheating. He tried to cheat God. Can you believe it? So he became a fucking cop.

Conversation five

Patrick: Niko boy, Niko. You still in contact with your family back in... wherever?

Niko: With what's left of them. I am not so lucky to have my whole family in one city.

Patrick: Us McRearys never flew far from the nest, we all stuck close to home. All of us apart from Derrick that is. He left us to visit the Old Country. Liberty City was never enough for him. He was always a dreamer. That's probably why he got into smack. Took him to another world.

Niko: Cocaine is a realist's drug, right? Keeps you in the moment.

Patrick: Keeps your head up your own fucking ass, that's about as grounded as you can get.

Niko: What did Derrick want to find in Ireland?

Patrick: I don't know. He loved the stories about the Old Country. The poetry, the songs, the books. More than anything he loved a good ruck though. He went to Ireland to find it all. An old romantic he was.

Niko: The world has a strange way of knocking that out of you pretty quick, hey?

Patrick: Life knocks most things out of you pretty quick.

Conversation six

Patrick: What's going on, Niko?

Niko: Usual kind of chaos.

Patrick: Sure... sure. Chaos we all know about. Gerry was the only one who ever tried to live beyond the chaos.

Niko: What makes him different?

Patrick: I'm not sure - but it didn't do him much good, either way. I think it was because of Derrick.

Niko: Why?

Patrick: Because Derrick was a grass. In England. He was involved in that business and he grasses on some people to avoid doing some serious time. And then went into hiding, for years.

Niko: I did not know that.

Patrick: No. He spun it different, but that was the truth. A grass, to avoid doing time. That's why Gerry won't bend - he sees it as his penance for the sins of his brother. Crazy fucking idiot.

Conversation seven

Niko: Packie, how's it going man? Is good to see you.

Patrick: Good to see you Niko, anything new going on?

Niko: Not really, usual series of shootouts, fist fights and robberies.

Patrick: Shit, that sounds like a fucking extract from my diary. It would if I kept a diary at least. The fighting bit mainly - drunken fights, sober fights, fights on the subway, fights with the family.

Niko: Did you family fight a lot growing up?

Patrick: Fuck, I practically had to come outta the womb swinging. As the youngest I was always getting me ass kicked. By Derrick, by Gerald... Francis tried to get me on his side, team up against the other two he said, but I wasn't having any of it. Sneaky fucking bastard he was, even back then.

Niko: People don't change, do they?

Patrick: One time I remember Frankie and Gerald going at it. There was just this feeling in the air. This feeling that told me - this one ain't like all the other fights. They didn't stop. There was a look in their eyes. It was fucking animal.

Niko: What ended the fight, who won?

Patrick: There ain't a winner in a fight like this. I thought the only thing that was gonna end it was one of them dying. Ma had walked out when it started, didn't want anything to do with it. It ended when they was in the kitchen, Gerry was on top just smashing Frankie's head into the floor. Then he looks up and he sees Katie huddled up in the corner crying and shaking. They both just stopped when they saw her. Kate stopped being a kid after that. You know what I mean?

Niko: I think I do.

Conversation eight

Patrick: What's up, Niko?

Niko: Well not much, you know... problems, solutions, usual sort of thing.

Patrick: You sounded just like Gerry when you said that, all cagey and thoughtful, like I might be wearing a wire.

Niko: I don't think you're wearing a wire. My English can be a bit bad.

Patrick: Sure but you're like Gerry - a weird combination of crazy maniac and thoughtful controlled guy.

Niko: Thanks, I think. I always liked Gerry.

Patrick: I remember one night, years ago, a bit after my dad died, he came home covered in blood. Like he'd been rolling around the floor of an abattoir. Must have killed someone, I guess, I never found out. And he had this weird look in his eyes, like he was possessed.

Niko: Yeah?

Patrick: Yeah. Yeah, Kate saw the whole scene, him, insane like he'd ripped a man's throat out, blood everywhere, the showering, the burning of clothes... I think that was when she realized just what we were like - she was young then. She was never quite the same after that.

Niko: No?

Patrick: No. Well, it must have been hard, realizing your brothers kill people. Wasn't hard for me, but I always knew what life was like.

Conversation nine

Patrick: Were you and Roman always close? Back home I mean.

Niko: Yeah, we always were. Close but different. A good team. He was the smart one, I was the active one. That's probably why he got out of there when things got bad. I stuck around and life didn't go so good from there in.

Patrick: You seem like a solid guy, Niko. I know you talk about this bad shit that happened to you, but I think you can get over it, you know. You're a survivor.

Niko: No one but me can see what is in my head when I try to sleep at night. No one has the dreams I do. And you only know this Niko, the one here in Liberty City. There a very few people in Liberty City who met me before the war.

Patrick: At least you know yourself, man. Fuck, I don't know what I am. An Irishman, an American. I think I'm straight but when it's late at night and I need another gram... I've thought about doing some fucked up shit, man. My family's just as confused. Are we gangsters or cops? Drunkards or priests? Some people call this shit Catholic guilt. I reckon it's just confusion.

Niko: Is very rare to find one word that can sum up a feeling you have. In my language, in English. Is very rare to find the word that says it all. I think is best to say nothing.

Patrick: You could be fucking right.

Conversation ten

Niko: Packie, man. How's it going? How is your mother?

Patrick: Me mother? She's fucking dying. Has been since the day she was born as far as I can tell.

Niko: Aren't we all dying from the day we are born?

Patrick: Me mother in particular. I think it's the shame. The shame of her marriage to a drunken pervert. The shame of her children. I don't think I have to spell that one out to you, do I?

Niko: Yeah, nobody's perfect.

Patrick: I blame her parents. They were first generation, you know. Came over from some bog somewhere. Pure as the driven snow. Ended up in fucking Liberty City - the centre of sin on Earth. Of course she was gonna go wrong. They coulda ended up in Australia. Beaches, hot chicks, fucking who knows what else. I woulda liked it there. I could have been okay.

Niko: It ain't too late for you to get out of here, Packie. It ain't too late until you're dead.

Patrick: I'll try to remember that.

Conversation eleven

Patrick: I'm bored man.

Niko: Why?

Patrick: Because life is shit. Or my life is shit. Because I don't know... because all I fucking do is cause trouble and then drink and do drugs.

Niko: What's the problem?

Patrick: I'm bored. I've been rucking and getting fucked up for fifteen years. Is this what I was put on the fucking earth for?

Niko: I hope so, because you're doing a good job of it.

Patrick: Very funny. I mean, I never paid any attention at school. When your family are drunks and killers, you don't really get all the moral discipline you might hope for.

Niko: My father used to beat us, to provide discipline.

Patrick: My father was a long way from a saint... I wanted to be an artist. I could draw really well. It wasn't exactly encouraged. I was kept home from school so I could roll joints for my dad. Soon I had different goals. Fucking stupid world though, isn't it?

Conversation twelve

Patrick: You cool, Niko?

Niko: Yes, not bad, you know.

Patrick: I enjoy talking to you, man. Enjoy hanging out, after all the craziness, recently and a long time ago.

Niko: Good. I also enjoy our friendship. Sorry about the troubles your family experienced. Really I am.

Patrick: Thank you.

Niko: No problem.

Patrick: It's always been weird. It's my dad's fault. He was an asshole.

Niko: I know, you said.

Patrick: I didn't say everything. He molested Gerry and me - then he killed himself - nobody speaks about it...

Niko: Sorry.

Patrick: I used to think maybe Gerry had killed him, but I think he killed himself... Damn this is all so embarrassing - why did I tell you that? I think that's what really destroyed the family - the old man was a sick pervert. Fuck. I never told anyone that before.


Calling Patrick

Niko: Hey man.

Niko: Packie, hey.

Niko: Packie, man, how are you?

Niko: Patrick.

Niko: Patrick, how's it going?

Niko: What's up Packie?

(If Patrick is unavailable)

Patrick: Niko, you woke me. I took so much chop lats night I turned into a troll. Try me at four.

Niko: Shit, man. I forgot about your healthy lifestyle. I'll try you later.

Arranging an activity

Niko: Alright, we're on Packie.

Niko: Great, I'll be there soon.

Niko: I'm on my way.

Niko: See you in a bit, Packie.

Niko: Sure Packie, we have an arrangement.

Niko: You got it, Packie.

Patrick calling

Accepting an activity

Patrick: Nice one, Niko. See you soon.

Patrick: We got a plan, Niko. I'll wait for ya.

Meeting Patrick

(Niko in a car)

Patrick: Alright, Niko. We good to go.

Patrick: Hey, man. Let's go.

Patrick: There's me man, Niko. Come on.

Patrick: There you are. Let's move out.

Finishing an activity

Patrick: Drop me at Ma's, will ya?

Patrick: Hey, take me back to Ma's.

Patrick: Will you take me to the house?

Taking Patrick home

Patrick: Good to see you Niko, gimme a call.

Patrick: I had some fun, Niko. Speak to you soon.

Patrick: Later on, man. Call me.

Declining an activity

Patrick: Alright, man. If you want to hang later call me.

Patrick: Alright Niko, gimme a call when you wanna do something.

Patrick: Okay Niko, I ain't gonna get offended. Call me when you're free.

Patrick: Sure, Niko. You must have people to kill and shit. Call me when you're free.


Patrick: Alright man, if that's how you're playing it. We'll go another time if I don't cancel on you.

Patrick: Fine Niko, I got a bitch I planned on banging anyways.

Patrick declining

Patrick: Alright, Packie. Maybe some other time. Bye.

Patrick: If we're still alive in a few days, I'll call you then. Later on.

Patrick: Okay man, another time. If you have to rob anyone, don't get caught or shot. Later.

Patrick: Sure Packie. I'll give you a call later. See you.


Niko calls

Niko: How about you and me go and roll a few bowling balls?

Niko: Why don't we go bowling?

Niko: You want to go bowling?

Patrick: Alright Niko. We'll go bowling. How about you pick me up in the next hour?

Patrick declines

Patrick: I'd rather do something less inane than bowling, Niko. Maybe, when you next call, I'll be drunk or high enough to think it's a good idea.

Patrick: I'm thinking I might shoot someone if I went to a bowling alley right now. Another time.

Patrick calls




Patrick: Let's go bowling, Niko.

(Niko wins)

Patrick: You got fucking lucky, Niko. Shit, I hate bowling.


Niko calls

Patrick declines

Patrick calls




Patrick: Oh, darts, can't leave the bulleye alone eh? Alright, I'm in.

(Niko wins)

Patrick: I don't like losing, Niko. If you weren't such a gracious winner I might have got real angry.


Niko calls

Niko: How about we go drown out sorrows?

Patrick: Drinking, Niko? I'm in. Come get me in the next hour.

Patrick declines

Patrick: Sorry, Niko. Think I might have to get hard later. Just chop for me today. Another time.

Patrick calls




Patrick: Okay, Niko. This place ain't too shabby. It ain't too shabby at all.

(After drinking)

Patrick: Fuck, that place ain't bad. It ain't bad at all.


Conversation One

Patrick: Fuck me, I'm pissed.

Niko: Me too, but I don't want to fuck you.

Patrick: Ha ha, a comedian, ladies and gents. I've heard about Europe - it's near Ireland, only the people there are backwards and hairy...

Niko: Whereas you're really civilized here.

Patrick: I'm civilized. I know a lot about civilization, I went there once. Didn't like much, went back to the madhouse... fuck me, I'm drunk.


Niko calls

Niko: A game of pool?

Niko: Are you up for some pool?

Niko: Fancy a game of pool?

Niko: How 'bout we go shoot some pool?

Patrick: I'll shoot some pool with you, Niko. Pick me up in the next hour.

Patrick: Pick me up in the next hour. You think you can last that long without killing someone. I'll pay for the pool if you do.

Patrick: Pool it is. Come get me in the next hour.

Patrick declines

Patrick: Can't do it Niko. Got people to rob, bully, beat up, etc. etc. Call me some other time.

Patrick: Now now Niko. We'll play pool another time maybe.

Patrick: Only thing I'd want to do with a pool table right now is snort rails off it. Another time.

Patrick: Sorry, Niko. I'm in a bad way. I'd probably break the cue over some preppy fuck's head. Another time.

Patrick calls

Patrick: Hey Niko, they got pool in eastern Europe? Ha - just joking. Let's go play a few racks.

Patrick: Niko, my man, we've been hanging out for a while now, how's about a game or two of pool, you up for it?

Niko: Pool... okay. I will come to collect you in the next hour.

Niko: Pool could be fun. I'll pick you up from the house in the next hour.


Patrick: I don't feel like playing pool, Packie. I'll call you later.

Patrick: Sorry Packie, I ain't playing pool with you right now. Another time.


Niko: Got to cancel our pool session, Packie. I'll make it up to you.


Patrick: Come on, Niko. Rack 'em up.

Patrick: I'm a fucking hustler, Niko. You ain't never gonna beat me at pool.

(Niko loses)

Patrick: Niko, Niko, you come up against the best, you can't expect to win. Bad luck man.

Patrick: The best man won, Niko. Don't think anyone's gonna dispute that are they?

(Niko wins)

Patrick: Niko, you beat me at pool. That don't make you a better man.


Niko calls

Niko: Want to go to a show?

Niko: We should go to see a show or something.

Patrick: I'll wait at the house for an hour. Let's go see a fucking show.

Patrick declines

Patrick: Not right now Niko. I got some people to kill, surely you should too. Maybe we'll hit a show another time.

Patrick calls

Patrick: What's up, man? My ma says that I got to take you to a show since you ain't from Liberty City. What do you think?


Niko: I got a lot on my plate right now, Packie. No time for shows. Sorry.



Patrick: This like a slice of real European culture or something? Remind me to take you to a jig on our next date.

(Finishing the show)

Patrick: Fuck me, you don't actually like that shit, do ya?

Strip Club

Niko calls

Niko: Wanna go see some naked women?

Niko: You feel like going to get some lap dances?

Patrick: A stripper is just what the doctor ordered. I'll wait for you at the house for an hour.

Patrick: I l love those places. Come get me from the house in the next hour. Don't think I could take waiting longer than that.

Patrick declines

Patrick calls




Patrick I've had naked chicks on me brain since we talked. I'm pumped, Niko.


Patrick: Shit, I'm storing those bitches in the bank for later. If you catch my drift.

Standing Patrick Up

Text Messages

(Not contacting Patrick for a while)

We should do something, Niko. I want the company of someone who's life's more depressing than mine.





Bomb Service

(Phone call)

Patrick: Hey Niko, I got a line on this guy who can set me up with bombs. I'm thinking you're the kind of guy who might need one every now and then. Call me if you want me to hook you up.

Niko: Thanks, Packie. That could be real useful. I'll call you if something comes up.

Unscripted dialogue

Patrick 1

Patrick: Shit, shit, shit!

Patrick: That ain't bad.

Patrick: What's up?

Patrick: Come on, throw it.

Patrick: Hey there.

Patrick: I don't like fucking fire!

Patrick: Hello.

Patrick: I ain't impressed.

Patrick: I don't wanna give these shitbirds the satisfaction of catching us. Come on.

Patrick: One-eighty? Yeah, sure.

Patrick: It's not one-eighty.

Patrick: Get rid of the fucking cops, Bellic.

Patrick: Are you gonna do this or what?

Patrick: You gonna cover me or fucking what?

Patrick: Balls.

Patrick: Jesus, you need help.

Patrick: What is wrong with this?

Patrick: Jesus Christ.

Patrick: Watch the master.

Patrick: That ain't fucking right.

Patrick: Did you see that?

Patrick: Have it.

Patrick: How'd you expect to beat an Irishman?

Patrick: That's what I'm talking about.

Patrick: Just try and bowl that straight.

Patrick: Sure, sure.

Patrick: My life is slowly sinking away.

Patrick: What are you playing at?

Patrick: I can throw these things.

Patrick: What darts are you using?

Patrick: Get it over with.

Patrick: Darts ain't your game.

Patrick: We're playing three games. First to win two, wins.

Patrick: If you can get this one...

Patrick: Watch yourself, man.

Patrick: You'd be better if yous Irish.

Patrick: Cover me, come on!

Patrick: Patrick don't lose often. Remember that.

Patrick: First person to win two games out of three, takes it.

Patrick: Shit, Christ. Shit.

Patrick: Motherfucker.

Patrick: To fucking bad.

Patrick: Ouch.

Patrick: Aren't you a fuck up?

Patrick: Give me some fucking cover!

Patrick: I'm so fucking good at this.

Patrick: I'm fucking good.

Patrick: You ain't that impressive.

Patrick: Oh, no.

Patrick: Hail to the chief.

Patrick: Gerald is damn good at this game.

Patrick: You were no match.

Patrick: Whatever. Good luck to ya.

Patrick: You won. What's that got to do with shit?

Patrick: Am I in Purgatory or something?

Patrick: You could take someone's eye out with that thing.

Patrick: Best man won.

Patrick: Gerry taught me to play darts.

Patrick: Whatever.

Patrick: Motherfuck. Fuck!

Patrick: I don't wanna get caught by these fucks.

Patrick: Only the Irish can really play darts.

Patrick: There's something wrong here.

Patrick: It's best of three darts games, okay?

Patrick: That's it.

Patrick: If you start getting smug, I'll slap you.

Patrick: No way you'll make this shot

Patrick: I feel like I've always got the damn cops on my tail!

Patrick: Young Patrick is gonna kick some ass here.

Patrick: Get rid of this heat, Niko.

Patrick: Winning at this shit don't impress no one.

Patrick: Can't argue with that can ya?

Patrick: Fore!

Patrick: Here we go.

Patrick: Aw, Christ.

Patrick: Pressure's on.

Patrick: This ain't gonna be pretty!

Patrick: Jesus, can't they give some guys a break?

Patrick: I got some skills.

Patrick: Strike! Yeah!

Patrick: Come on, bowl it already.

Patrick: I'm gonna destroy those pins.

Patrick: You smug fuck.

Patrick: You're an asshole.

Patrick: Jesus, will this never end?

Patrick: I hope you learned your lesson.

Patrick: Lucky bastard.

Patrick: Come on, you weren't even competition.

Patrick: There ya go!

Patrick: Don't hurt anyone.

Patrick: Least I look like a man when I throw them.

Patrick: Cover me!

Patrick: Watch and learn.

Patrick: You weren't aiming there.

Patrick: Sure, you're the big man.

Patrick: You better not get smug.

Patrick: It's my Irish blood.

Patrick: Shake the bacon, Niko.

Patrick: You need at least nine beers in ya to play this right.

Patrick: Can't we go kill some people or something?

Patrick: Okay.

Patrick: Bad fucking luck.

Patrick: Am I fucking drunk?

Patrick: You look fucking gay.

Patrick: Okay, you're on a lucky run.

Patrick: Watch and learn.

Patrick: I'm bored outta my skull.

Patrick: There ain't no point in coming up against me.

Patrick: No thank you.

Patrick: Oh, you won. Get a shit.

Patrick: I ain't in the mood to burn to death!

Patrick: God, you're an asshole.

Patrick: Lay down some cover for me!

Patrick: Fucking darts.

Patrick: If you wanna lesson later.

Patrick: Well this ain't looking good at all.

Patrick: This is crap.

Patrick: I need some cover!

Patrick: Yeah, whatever.

Patrick: You been practicing.

Patrick: We're playing best of three, okay?

Patrick: Hilarious!

Patrick: I hate fucking darts.

Patrick: You smug fuck.

Patrick: This is how it's done.

Patrick: This is the dart to decide it.

Patrick: Okay, it's best of three games.

Patrick: You look really gay when you throw those things.

Patrick: You fucking suck at this.

Patrick: There ya are!

Patrick: Fuck off.

Patrick: I'm alright.

Patrick: This ain't even nearly fair.

Patrick: Ha, bad luck!

Patrick: I can't believe my ancestors played this game.

Patrick: That's an alright score.

Patrick: I'll get a perfect score at beating your ass if you're not careful.

Patrick: Young Patrick come out from behind.

Patrick: Nah.

Patrick: There was no way you were making that.

Patrick: Sorry, Niko, you don't got the skills.

Patrick: Impressive for a fucking asshole.

Patrick: You been practicing, haven't you?

Patrick: I got some skill.

Patrick: Come on, I'll show you how it's done.

Patrick: Look at Niko with his perfect fucking score. Dick.

Patrick: Eat me.

Patrick: It's gonna blow!

Patrick: Lose em, Niko.

Patrick: There ya go.

Patrick: Pulling that shit off.

Patrick: Here comes the fucking skills.

Patrick: Fuck, if these guys catch us, Ma will have to bail us.

Patrick: Screw you.

Patrick: I ain't congratulating you.

Patrick: Can you lose the fucking heat, man.

Patrick: You're fucking cheating.

Patrick: You couldn't do that again.

Patrick: Ah, Jesus!

Patrick: Ah, shit.

Patrick: Take the fucking burn, Patrick.

Patrick: Being shot ain't fucking fun.

Patrick: I'm a man, I can fucking take it.

Patrick: These things are fucking death traps.

Patrick: We're on a fucking bike here!

Patrick: This is a fucking bike. It ain't that hard to see.

Patrick: Watch it.

Patrick: Move.

Patrick: Yeah, I bumped into you.

Patrick: Fucking people.

Patrick: I'm not even drunk.

Patrick: Give it some, Niko.

Patrick: You don't waste time. I like it.

Patrick: Let's fucking get there.

Patrick: You don't hold back, do you?

Patrick: This is the way to do it, Niko.

Patrick: We got somewhere to go, we may as well go at pace. I like it.

Patrick: Jesus Christ!

Patrick: I'm on my fucking head!

Patrick: What have you fucking done, Niko?

Patrick: That was a grade-A fuckup!

Patrick: Nice fucking driving.

Patrick: Too fucking bad.

Patrick: That was unfortunate.

Patrick: Wrong fucking time, wrong fucking place.

Patrick: Jesus, you can't drive in this city without hitting some asshole.

Patrick: Their fault.

Patrick: They shoulda looked where they were going.

Patrick: That wasn't your fault, Niko.

Patrick: How did they not see you coming?

Patrick: Motherfucker!

Patrick: Jesus Christ!

Patrick: Is this necessary?

Patrick: Crazy son of a bitch!

Patrick: Shit, it's like driving with my Ma.

Patrick: Did you take driving lessons off of Katie?

Patrick: You ain't in no hurry, are you?

Patrick: Come on, Niko. Give it some pace.

Patrick: Jesus, Niko, can't you go quicker?

Patrick: I'm gonna die of fucking boredom going at this speed.

Patrick: There are the fucking cops.

Patrick: Here come the police.

Patrick: Look, Frankie's boys!

Patrick: Liberty City's finest are just over there.

Patrick: We got cops in the vicinity, Niko.

Patrick: Check the cops, Niko.

Patrick: Jesus!

Patrick: Christ!

Patrick: You fucking dick!

Patrick: I'll fuck you up!

Patrick: Let's do this.

Patrick: We got something to finish now.

Patrick: I'm ready for this.

Patrick: It's about to get serious.

Patrick: We better settle this.

Patrick: Get down.

Patrick: Fucking duck.

Patrick: Hit the damn floor.

Patrick: Come on, duck.

Patrick: You ain't no fucking match for me.

Patrick: You should have backed off a long time ago.

Patrick: You like the taste of blood?

Patrick: Piece of advice: don't get up when I fucking put you down.

Patrick: I've smacked a lot bigger assholes than you.

Patrick: Hell.

Patrick: Jesus, these fucking roads.

Patrick: Driving in Liberty fucking City, eh?

Patrick: Jesus fucking Christ!

Patrick: Christ!

Patrick: Fucking Hell!

Patrick: Jesus Christ!

Patrick: What the?

Patrick: Jesus!

Patrick 2

Patrick: Screw you.

Patrick: You want some coke?

Patrick: This is fucking war!

Patrick: Who gives a shit?

Patrick: Take your shot already.

Patrick: Well, they weren't using it and we needed it.

Patrick: You gonna break or what?

Patrick: Can we play this game or what?

Patrick: You blue fucking bastards!

Patrick: You ain't gonna have teeth for long, fucker.

Patrick: Niko, you piece of shit.

Patrick: Wait for me, man.

Patrick: Why don't we rack them up again?

Patrick: Come on, move in.

Patrick: Foul, Niko Bellic.

Patrick: I'm gonna fuck you up proper.

Patrick: Get out of here.

Patrick: Niko, listen to this station. The rest is just shit.

Patrick: Shit, you don't see that often.

Patrick: No surprise that I take the win.

Patrick: Can I turn this down for a second?

Patrick: Best man won.

Patrick: Nice one, dickhead.

Patrick: This is about the best surprise a man can get. Let's see some girls.

Patrick: Fucking lucky.

Patrick: Christ, Niko. You're not half slow.

Patrick: If I have to wait another second...

Patrick: That wasn't fucking expected.

Patrick: Ah, dear. You ain't doing well.

Patrick: Congratulations, asshole.

Patrick: Okay, let's dust.

Patrick: Alright let's listen to this thing then.

Patrick: Lucky.

Patrick: A miss like that can't feel too good.

Patrick: Let me kick this one off.

Patrick: I think I can take it from here.

Patrick: I'm breaking.

Patrick: That's it.

Patrick: You don't wanna die, you best pretend you're fucking dead.

Patrick: Move it, Niko, Jesus.

Patrick: Good luck, you need it.

Patrick: Have you got a watch? Because I think it's pussy o' clock.

Patrick: No way, I'm in it for the long haul.

Patrick: There ya go. Packie with the W.

Patrick: Okay, sure.

Patrick: That looks as good as any other. Let's take it.

Patrick: Someone's making a mistake.

Patrick: Fucking show-off.

Patrick: Victory is sweet.

Patrick: I ain't backing down.

Patrick: You're fucking with a McReary.

Patrick: See ya later, Niko. I'm gonna go have fun.

Patrick: Stop fucking about and get in the car.

Patrick: Alright then.

Patrick: I'm gonna get this going.

Patrick: Jesus, Niko. Get in the car.

Patrick: Let's fucking get in there!

Patrick: Pressure appears to be getting to you.

Patrick: Shall we have at it one more time?

Patrick: What are you doing?

Patrick: Any money says you couldn't do that again.

Patrick: I don't like nothing but this station, Niko.

Patrick: This is the pressure shot.

Patrick: You mind if we just listen to the radio on this trip?

Patrick: I like winning. It's a good thing I don't lose much.

Patrick: Much as I love you, Niko, I'd like to listen to the radio on this trip.

Patrick: I think there's a girl looking at me. Ten bucks says I fuck her.

Patrick: Poor bastard isn't making it to work tomorrow.

Patrick: You better hope you put your vests on.

Patrick: We gotta get out of here, Niko.

Patrick: Your dull set European tones are great, Niko, but I'd prefer to listen to the radio on this trip.

Patrick: Okay, man. We're listening to the radio on this journey.

Patrick: A hasty fucking exit is necessary. Come on, Niko.

Patrick: You ain't impressing no one.

Patrick: Get in the fucking car already.

Patrick: Take what you want, that's my motto.

Patrick: We need some wheels, man.

Patrick: Oh, baby, you fucking know it.

Patrick: What in Christ's name?

Patrick: Yeah.

Patrick: You don't get more lucky than that.

Patrick: I'm eating fucking pork tonight!

Patrick: Hold up, Niko.

Patrick: Niko, come on.

Patrick: Don't fucking leave me, Niko.

Patrick: You missed. Ouch.

Patrick: Take your next shot already.

Patrick: Great game, shithead.

Patrick: Where are you going?

Patrick: Lucky run.

Patrick: No offense, but I gotta go lone wolf in here.

Patrick: Yeah, you like that?

Patrick: You're damn good at this, Niko.

Patrick: Alright, Patrick to break.

Patrick: Niko, Jesus.

Patrick: Sorry, Niko, not yet.

Patrick: I ain't scared.

Patrick: This is the station for me, Niko.

Patrick: Forward, come on.

Patrick: You're a dangerous man, Bellic.

Patrick: Come on, man. We gotta go.

Patrick: Jesus, would you hurry up already?

Patrick: That's gotta hurt.

Patrick: Let's see some girls.

Patrick: Your aim was off.

Patrick: Do I gotta take your shot for you?

Patrick: Hurry up, Niko.

Patrick: Get in there.

Patrick: Aw, bad fucking luck.

Patrick: I don't remember you mentioning strippers. I woulda dressed up if you had.

Patrick: That is a fucking relief.

Patrick: I wouldn't wanna fuck with you, Niko.

Patrick: I'll fucking fuck you up proper.

Patrick: You're driving, Niko.

Patrick: Come on, man.

Patrick: I don't like waiting for you, Niko.

Patrick: Take this, you assholes.

Patrick: Drive won't ya, Niko?

Patrick: This may be a gentlemen's club but I ain't gotta be one.

Patrick: I think that's my ball then, right?

Patrick: Are you gonna get in the car or what?

Patrick: Jesus, one of those rare moments when the cops aren't after me.

Patrick: Come on, I don't got all day.

Patrick: I can't talk with this thing on.

Patrick: Fucking work it!

Patrick: Big miss.

Patrick: I'm fucking waiting.

Patrick: Big deal.

Patrick: You ain't never gonna make this.

Patrick: I reckon it's time. Sure.

Patrick: This is a memorable moment. You want a cup or something?

Patrick: You shouldn't have messed with me.

Patrick: We better fucking move it, Niko. Fast!

Patrick: Move in.

Patrick: Tits, ass, and more tits. Let's do this.

Patrick: Shit, a strip club. Is it my birthday?

Patrick: Get your anger out. Come on.

Patrick: You mind if we listen to this station?

Patrick: Shotgun. Not driving. Take the wheel, Niko.

Patrick: I'm just getting started, Niko.

Patrick: Aren't you great at pool, Niko.

Patrick: I've spent all my money anyway.

Patrick: You want another game?

Patrick: I fucking live for this shit!

Patrick: That didn't look like a fucking accident.

Patrick: Thank God that's over.

Patrick: We ain't getting nowhere without some wheels.

Patrick: That was expected.

Patrick: Are you trying to fucking deafen me?

Patrick: You ain't taking me!

Patrick: Christ, Niko, what the fuck?

Patrick: Get a car, Niko.

Patrick: Sure, I'm done with these bitches.

Patrick: I'm not fucking driving that means you are.

Patrick: Man, how can you even leaving yet? I'm staying.

Patrick: It's your break.

Patrick: Imagine how much fun you'd have at my place.

Patrick: I ain't gonna take this lying down.

Patrick: I wasn't expecting this, but I can't turn down tits and ass.

Patrick: I'm only just getting into this, I can't go yet.

Patrick: Well, those shitheads are off our back for now.

Patrick: You better not hit me with that thing.

Patrick: I'm gonna go enjoy myself.

Patrick: I'd never go with you fucking bastards.

Patrick: Ain't many of you gonna be left after this.

Patrick: Okay, I've heard enough of your chat.

Patrick: If you wanna.

Patrick: I'm turning this off for a minute.

Patrick: How much for the works, baby?

Patrick: Niko, we're gonna need a car.

Patrick: I guess it's my shot.

Patrick: Take the wheel, Bellic.

Patrick: That was pure luck.

Patrick: I think you and me can just sit back and hear the radio on this trip. That cool?

Patrick: You're up, Niko.

Patrick: One more time for the boys?

Patrick: Get in the car.

Patrick: Come on, next shot.

Patrick: You motherfuckers!

Patrick: Hurry the fuck up.

Patrick: You wanna break?

Patrick: We can listen to this now.

Patrick: I gotta go play some moves.

Patrick: You trying to start a fucking fight?

Patrick: Niko, you really think this is a good idea?

Patrick: What's the problem? I screw your mother?

Patrick: You best calm down.

Patrick: Us being close won't stop me kicking your ass.

Patrick: Niko, don't do this.

Patrick: You're kind of getting on my nerves.

Patrick: That's funny. Ha fucking ha.

Patrick: Give me my fucking car!

Patrick: This car weren't bought by me but it's mine.

Patrick: You ain't got no fucking respect.

Patrick: I'm taking this thing back.

Patrick: Now this is a song.

Patrick: I fucking like this.

Patrick: This ain't fucking bad.

Patrick: This one's my absolute favorite.

Patrick: I could listen to this all day.

Patrick: Play this at my funeral, Niko. I don't care what my Ma thinks.

Patrick: Balls.

Patrick: Shit.

Patrick: Christ almighty.

Patrick: Fucking Hell!

Patrick: Jesus Christ!

Patrick: What the-?

Patrick: Hell!

Patrick: Take cover!

Patrick: Get in cover!

Patrick: Get behind some cover!

Patrick: Watch yourself, find cover!

Patrick: Get behind something!

Patrick: Goodbye, boy-o.

Patrick: I see one.

Patrick: I got something in my sights.

Patrick: I'm dropping one.

Patrick: One of them ain't got long.

Patrick: All I gotta do is pull the trigger on this one.

Patrick: Taking one down.

Patrick: Shooting one.

Patrick: Easy with that thing.

Patrick: It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt.

Patrick: I wouldn't take kindly to that thing going off.

Patrick: You want me to point mine at you?

Patrick: Yeah, I've got a fucking gun too.

Patrick: Cheers.

Patrick: Great.

Patrick: Nice one.