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The Sabre GT, my preferred mode of transport in GTA. I know I've blatantly stolen this from elsewhere on the site, but I love this car. I mean, just look at it, it's a work of art.

Personal Information

Real Name: Leigh Burne

Age: 22

Hometown: Chipperfield, England

Occupation: University student

About Me: I'm a student, so obviously I waste a whole load of my life playing computer games. Otherwise I spend my time buried with coursework or out around town with mates. Outside of university it's more of the same; seeing mates and/or going out. I wouldn't call myself sporty per se, but I love swimming and I'm an avid skiier, even if I don't get to do it all that often. I don't graduate university for another year or so, but when I do I hope to go travelling.

Video Games: Favourite game ever? Probably Perfect Dark on the N64. Oldschool but never really bettered. I'm a particular fan of the TimeSplitters games as well, they were made by the same bunch of guys. But almost anything involving shooting and/or driving is ok in my books.

As far as achievements in GTA are concerned, I've completed all of them since GTAIII to 100% (except San Andreas, my game disc packed up before I could get there...). I never really played on 1 or 2 back then, I was a Nintendo 64 kid!

Grand Theft Auto

Favourite GTA game: I'd say it would have to be Vice City, the whole feel and theme of that game is perfect.

Favourite GTA character: Tommy Vercetti, mainly because, like Vice City, he's just so 80s. Plus he's voiced by Ray Liotta, and he's just terrifying.

Favourite GTA vehicle: Sabre GT, like the picture says.

Favourite GTA weapon: AR-15 aka the Carbine Rifle. Get a serious Heat vibe when I'm packing one of these with a duffel bag full of cash slung over my shoulder.

Favourite GTA feature: GTA IV's ragdoll physics, they never fail to crack me up.

Other Stuff

Movies: Action, crime, thrillers... Aliens is easily my favourite all-time flick. Pure undiluted awesomeness from beginning to end.

TV: Miami Vice, a few other crime dramas; the darker the better. And though it shames me to say it, Hollyoaks. (I'm a student - it goes with the territory.)

Music: Rock, mostly 80s stuff, none of this modern emo crap. Queen is easily my pick of the crop. But I like a lot of stuff, from Dire Straits to Metallica.

Books: Crime thrillers or war non-fiction. Or something darkly comic.

Video Games: GTA, duh. TimeSplitters and Burnout as well. And I've gotta mention again the masterpiece that is Perfect Dark on the N64.

Magazines: Tend not to waste my money, but FHM if I'm going on a raod trip or something. Hey, I'm a guy.

Snacks: Depends what mood I'm in but probably Chinese.

Drinks: Anything with booze in it. Seriously, depends what I feel like.

My contributions

User contributions: Stuff I've fiddled with.