Verdant Meadows (mission)

Verdant Meadows
Mike Toreno instructing Carl Johnson to purchase the Verdant Meadows airstrip
Mike Toreno instructing Carl Johnson to purchase the Verdant Meadows airstrip

Mike Toreno instructing Carl Johnson to purchase the Verdant Meadows airstrip
Game GTA San Andreas
For Mike Toreno
Location Tierra Robada, Bone County
Reward Verdant Meadows save point and Verdant Meadows airfield.
Unlocks Learning to Fly
Unlocked by Interdiction

Verdant Meadows is a "breather" mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, given to protagonist Carl "CJ" Johnson by undercover government agent Michael "Mike" Toreno from his ranch in Tierra Robada, San Andreas.

Mission Brief

Carl drops by, and Toreno comments that his last gig has resulted in double agents putting a price on Carl's head. However, Toreno instead asks Carl not to worry about it, though he does mention that Sweet's release still remains a dream for Carl because Toreno would have loved to use this as a leverage to have Carl do his bidding, but he assures him that Sweet will be taken care of. Toreno then asks Carl to purchase him an abandoned aircraft graveyard and takeoff-landing strip in Bone County.


Go to the abandoned airstrip in Verdant Meadows and buy it. It will cost you $80,000. If you don't have this amount of money, go out and earn it. Once you have purchased the property, go into the office where you will see a red marker. Walk into it, and you'll receive a phone call from Toreno. You will now enter the Pilot School to make your way through. For each test you pass, your flying skill is upgraded (that is, if you haven't already got 100% flying skill).


(Toreno is sitting in his house reading a book, Conspiracy Theory. Carl enters.)

Toreno: It's amazing!

CJ: (enters) What's up now, Toreno?

Toreno: This history. It's all lies. It says Hitler killed himself and that we nuked Japan. And people believe this shit. Jesus. Well, if it makes them sleep better at night, I guess.

CJ: Hey man, what did you want? Is you gonna free my brother?

Toreno: (turns to Carl as he rises) No. Not now. And here's a little newsflash - I said that to get you to do something for me.

CJ: Man, you real fucked up.

Toreno: But the shocker is, we are gonna look after him. Because I need him alive as much as you do.

CJ: Oh, thanks.

Toreno: You know, after what you've done for me, it's like you're a pro now. I got double agents in Panama who want to put a price on your head. A Russian spy - a little, fat, Boris looking guy - he's asking for clearance to interrogate you, Russian style. Callipers on the genitals. Feels good, you'd like it.

CJ: That ain't nothing cool, man! Just leave me alone. You're bad news!

Toreno: Don't worry about it. The Russians got bigger things to worry about than your genitals, believe me. The whole country went to shit. We tried hard to put a lid on it, but that idiot Gorbachev, with the little strawberry on his forehead, he gave away the crown jewels. Still, they got their, you know, boy in the White House. That was nice...

CJ: So? What you want me to do?

Toreno: Listen, I need you to buy some property, OK. Shouldn't cost that much. You offer them a dollar. If they give you a hard time, kill them. I'm going to need you to start doing some real wet work here for me soon, OK? Enough of this little girl bullshit. Now get out of here.

(Somewhere in between the course of purchasing an abandoned airstrip he has been directed to, Carl receives a call from Doherty garage mechanic Jethro.)

Jethro: Yo, CJ, it's Jethro, man!

CJ: Hey, Jethro, how is it?

Jethro: Yo dude, the garage is coming along nicely, man. But I rang about something else. There's an unofficial street racing club in San Fierro.

CJ: Unofficial as in illegal, right?

Jethro: I don't know what you talking about dude. Anyhoo, they meet up around the driving school (at) some place. Thought you might just ... like to know

CJ: Thanks, Jethro. I'm a think about it, and I'll holler at you. Later, man!

(Carl is at the airfield after he has purchased it. His phone rings.)

Toreno: Hey, Carl! So what do you think of our new base of operations?

CJ: It's missing something. Maybe a tennis court and a pool would help motivate me better.

Toreno: Very nice, Carl, very cute. Now listen, you're going to have to learn how to fly.

CJ: No I ain't.

Toreno: Yes, actually, you are. I've set out a series of tests for you. You can access them on that TV. You're going to have to prove to me you can fly if you're going to continue working towards your brother's freedom.

CJ: Shit. Whatever, man...

Toreno: Very nice.


Also, it is funny how Toreno says "you offer them a dollar ($1); if they give you a hard time, kill them" considering the airstrip actually costs $80,000.


The reward for this mission is increased Respect after completing the Pilot School tests. The missions N.O.E. and Fender Ketchup will be unlocked after the Pilot School, as would be safehouses in Las Venturas, and the ability to completely attain a six-star wanted level. Race Tournaments are now accessible across the state.


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