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Mike Toreno giving instructions to Carl Johnson.

Mike Toreno giving instructions to Carl Johnson.
Game GTA San Andreas
For Mike Toreno
Location Tierra Robada, San Andreas
Reward $1,000
Unlocks Verdant Meadows
Unlocked by Highjack

Interdiction is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas given to protagonist Carl Johnson by government agent Mike Toreno from his ranch in Tierra Robada, San Andreas.


Toreno needs a favor, but Carl wants to know more about his brother. Toreno explains that he's in prison up state, and he is just fine. Toreno then reveals that Officer Frank Tenpenny and Officer Eddie Pulaski killed Officer Ralph Pendelbury after he threatened to expose their operation. He then goes onto explain the task - there is precious cargo that needs collecting.

Carl heads for Las Brujas, near El Castillo del Diablo. Once there, Toreno speaks to him through a speaker, and instructs him a few things. Carl then picks up a rocket launcher and chooses a vehicle to climb up Arco del Oeste. Once atop Arco del Oeste, CJ lights up a flare to signal the contraband helicopter. The helicopter heads for Arco del Oeste, but are ambushed by agency choppers. Carl then uses the rocket launcher to shoot down the agency helicopters, protecting the contraband chopper and the package. Afterwards, the helicopter drops the contraband north of Verdant Meadows. Carl picks it up, and heads for a garage in Las Brujas.


Mike Toreno: Roger that, Big Monkey, I got a 13-6 fat vulture. Need to acquire a drowning baby. Over. In 15 by the moon. Break your heart. Over and out. Carl. I need you to do me a favor...

Carl Johnson: Yeah, I'll do you a proper injury, man. What you knowin' about my brother?

Mike Toreno: Relax. He's in prison up state. D Wing. Cell 13. To the left I got a child killer, who wants to rip his throat up. To the right of him I got a white supremacist, who wants to eat his heart, to be precise. Now don't worry. Tenpenny and Pulaski are really relatively benign. Unless of course you're a family member of Officer Pendelbury whom they shot when they he threatened to expose them. But, you do know all about that, right?

Carl Johnson: Damn. Hey, man, how you know all this stuff, man, and why don't you stop it?

Mike Toreno: You just don't understand, do you, kid. Its all white knights and heroes. We have to make decisions, kid. You know, I try to set bad people on other bad people. And sometimes, I let good guys die. He's your brother, but to me, he's just collateral. It's a very delicate decision. Over here, you got all the scumbags inside the country, and over here, you got all the scumbags outside the country. And me and my colleagues, we're the fucking pivot. Keep the government in work. Which reminds me... I need you to head over HERE in the buggy outside. Okay, okay, let off a flare. We got some precious cargo needs collecting.

Carl Johnson: Hey, hold up. What about my brother and all that shit you was talking about?

Mike Toreno: Don't worry, Sweet's just fine. He gets touched, a prison guard goes home and finds that his wife and kids have been murdered. Everything's under control. We'll talk later. Now, come on, get outta here.

(Carl arrives at Las Brujas)

Mike Toreno: Jesus, what took you?

Carl Johnson: Toreno! Where you at?!

Mike Toreno: Miles away. No time for niceties, kid. Choose a vehicle, grab the equipment I provided, get to that drop zone, and wait for that package.

(Once CJ lights the flare)

Mike Toreno: That's our cargo arriving now!

Carl Johnson: Jesus! Will you stop the doing that?

Mike Toreno: Shit, pilot says he's got the trouble, two agency choppers coming on an intercept. Can you see them?

Carl Johnson: Yeah.

Mike Toreno: Shoot 'em down. Protect the cargo at all costs!

(Once Carl retrieves the contraband)

Mike Toreno: Okay, get the package back to Las Brujas.

Carl Johnson: Where are you? You givin' me the heebie jeebies, man!

Mike Toreno: Carl, I will ALWAYS be watching...or listening...or both.


The reward for this mission is $1,000. The mission Verdant Meadows is unlocked.


  • A factual error can be seen in this mission. Toreno says that Tenpenny and Pulaski killed Ralph Pendelbury, although it was actually Jimmy Hernandez who shot Pendelbury. Although, Hernandez only did that through the persuasion of Tenpenny and Pulaski, and so he could join the C.R.A.S.H. team.
  • The unique black agent helicopters can be obtained by failing the mission and waiting for the chopper to land to tow it back to the Doherty garage, however the only thing unique about them is their black color. Oddly, the chopper still makes noises while you're towing it, and the agents are scared of CJ.

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