Learning to Fly

Learning to Fly
Mike Toreno tells Carl Johnson to practice flying
Mike Toreno tells Carl Johnson to practice flying

Mike Toreno tells Carl Johnson to practice flying
Game GTA San Andreas
For Mike Toreno
Location Verdant Meadows
Fail Death of Carl Johnson
Exiting any aircraft during a test
Reward Pilot's license (anytime during the first three tests and at the end of the mission)
Increased Flying Skill
Unlocks N.O.E.
Fender Ketchup
Las Venturas safehouses
6-star wanted level
Unlocked by Verdant Meadows

Learning to Fly is a support-side mission in the Verdant Meadows airstrip assigned to protagonist Carl "CJ" Johnson by undercover government agent Michael "Mike" Toreno.


After purchasing the airstrip, enter the building next to the safehouse. After you step into the marker, a cutscene shows Mike Toreno phoning Carl, telling him to learn to fly in order to free Carl's incarcerated brother Sean "Sweet" Johnson. Toreno tells Carl to go buy the airstrip in Verdant Meadows. After Carl buys the property, the flight school will be available. If he scores 70% or better on a test, it makes another one available. He needs to get at least 70% for all of them for 100% completion of the game. It also makes Carl a licensed pilot, with access to the airports, if he wasn't one before. There are 10 tests that need to be completed.

For a detailed walkthrough of the tests, see Pilot School#Lessons.


After you complete the test, you will unlock a Rustler, for finishing all the tests with bronze or above, a Stunt Plane, for all silver, and a Hunter for all gold. Also, the missions N.O.E. and Fender Ketchup are unlocked, with the latter triggered by a phone call from blind Chinese-American San Fierro Triads leader Wu Zi "Woozie" Mu. In addition, all Las Venturas safehouses are available (contrary to some walkthroughs, the city itself is accessible prior to this mission). Across the game map, aircraft are now available for flying (in addition, Carl can now access airport runways via security gates). The Police Maverick on the roof of the Los Santos Police Department also appears. The ability to obtain a 6-star wanted level is now unlocked.


  • The lessons don't have to be completed in one go. Carl can leave the airstrip and take part in side-missions, dates, or other activities in-between lessons, with the only penalty being the occasional phone call from Toreno chiding Carl for not finishing the lessons.
  • The pilot School is the only mandatory training mission in the game, apart from the semi-functional Driving School which is important to unlock the Wang Cars missions, as the Boat School and Bike School are optional, though all need to be completed for 100% completion.
  • The more time you take to begin the flying lessons, the more Toreno will call Carl to remind him, eventually threatening him to have another inmate moved in the same cell as Sweet's, before going on a humorous description of the said inmate.

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