Downtown Dirt Track

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The Downtown dirt track in GTA Vice City, as viewed to the west.

The unnamed dirt track in Downtown, Vice City Mainland is a venue for a number of off-road side quests in both Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. The track can be found on the north-eastern corner of Downtown, on the open section of the point


In GTA Vice City, the dirt track is designed as a lap track with a substantial number of bends and bumps, clearly indicating that the track is intended for rough riding or driving. The track is prominently used in the "Trial By Dirt" and "Test Track" side missions, which involves the player completing laps around the track on a Sanchez and a Landstalker, respectively, which are both found parked on the southeastern corner of the track. Test Track is simply the reverse of Trial By Dirt.

The Downtown dirt track in GTA Vice City Stories, as viewed to the east.

In GTA Vice City Stories, the track is significantly redesigned for a new set of lapped challenges. Instead of a simple lap design, the track, like the Harwood Dirt Track in GTA Liberty City Stories, encompasses a series of interlocking dirt paths (some intersecting while others run over or under one another) that allow the game to plot or different routes for a lap; the track is also dotted with palm trees (whereas the GTA Vice City rendition is almost devoid of trees). The track is prominently utilized in the "Quad Bike Time Trails" side mission, which sets forth four different laps around the track which the player must complete on a Quad, which is also parked southeast of the track.

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