Vice City Mainland

Map of Vice City Mainland in 1986.

Vice City Mainland is the second major island of Vice City in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, depicted as a less glamorous area of the city, but with a large district in the north of this. It is located west of Vice City Beach.


View of Vice City Mainland in GTA VC.

Vice City Mainland is comprised of five districts: the south is the city's industrial area called Viceport, where you can find great ships and trucks, as well as workers in the area wandering around here . While the right of this district, the luxurious Escobar International Airport consists of three terminals that give greater importance to the area, as well as a military base north of here.

Further north of the island in the middle, you can find other areas such as Little Haiti and Little Havana, the most dangerous neighborhoods in the city, bands that are here as are the Cubans, Haitians and cholos. Are also considered the filthiest areas, due to the horrible condition most of the buildings are in. Finally in the north are the luxurious and large buildings that highlight what is the downtown of the city.

Another point of interest in Vice City Mainland is Bayshore Avenue, the main avenue of the island, which consists of four lanes that extend from the center to the south of the island, IE Viceport.


Vice City Mainland is based on mainland Miami, as well as their districts: