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The Vinewood Tour is a pastime available in Grand Theft Auto V operated by Vinewood Star Tours. The tour can be located outside the Wax Museum on Vinewood Blvd although only at certain times of the day. The player can go on the tour by approaching the tour bus and purchasing a ticket for $40. The tour lasts fifteen real-life minutes unless the player skips forward to the next location. A female tour guide talks about the area's sordid history (most of her anecdotes involve sexual or drug misadventures) and shows the passengers the local sites including a number of celebrity homes.

About a dozen locations are featured in the tour and during the drive between locations, the tour guide and passengers will make random remarks about Vinewood. One stop of note is the Epsilon Center, and the tour guide will reveal she is a member. She also reveals that she appeared in the film Last Will and Testament, although her line was cut, that she did a lot of 'shameful things' in her youth and that she has a daughter.

During the tour, the player can toggle between first-person or third person view; in third-person view the camera will automatically focus on highlighted locations; the first-person view offers only limited visibility due to the character sitting behind a wall of the bus. The tour ends at the same location from which it starts. Completing the bus tour is not necessary for 100% completion. Due to its length, generally starting the tour during daylight hours means much of the tour will take place after dark.

Gordon Henderson, a retired Vinewood actor, announced his plans to sue Vinewood Star Tours after his home was dropped from the tour. The Los Santos Superior Court, shortly after "The Merryweather Heist", rule that Vinewood Star Tours must include Henderson's house on the tour.

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