Completion in GTA V

To get completion in Grand Theft Auto V you need to complete all the things listed here.


Hobbies and pastimes

  • Complete 42 hobbies and pastimes:
    • Get a bronze medal or better in the following categories at the shooting range
      • Handguns
      • Sub-machine guns
      • Assault rifles
      • Shotguns
      • Light machine guns
      • Heavy
    • Play 9 holes of golf and finish even or below par
    • Win at tennis
    • Win at darts
    • Complete all three triathlons (third place or better)
    • Complete all five Street Races (third place or better)
    • Complete all six Off-road Races (third place or better)
    • Complete all four Sea Races (third place or better)
    • Complete all twelve Flight School lessons (bronze medal or better)
    • Complete all Parachute Jumps
    • Get a private dance at the Vanilla Unicorn strip club



Upon achieving 100% completion the player will unlock the Career Criminal achievement/trophy. UFOs will appear at the top of Mount Chiliad, above Fort Zancudo and above Sandy Shores. The mission The Last One is unlocked as well as an orange t-shirt reading "100%" appears in Franklin Clinton's wardrobe.

Non-required tasks