Zombotech Corporation

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The Zombotech Corporation building.

The Zombotech Corporation is a large commercial/industrial business entity headquartered in Downtown, San Fierro, San Andreas. Housed in a large square building in Downtown, this corporation is one of the largest in the city. Their headquarters are well designed and interesting, featured a glass foyer that is accessible and a huge sculpture shaped similarly to a DNA strand at the center of the building. Towards the rear are inaccessible elevators.

The Zombotech Corporation attempts to soften its lifeless, inhuman corporate image by posting the following inscription on its lobby entrance: "Zombotech Sinister Zombie Virus Research Corporation Welcomes Visitors!" Zombotech is most likely a parody of the Umbrella Corporation from the Resident Evil series of games. Also based on a diagram on the wall, there appears to be a large Underground facility reminiscent of the Hive from the Resident Evil film.

The building is featured in "Jizzy" as a hotel wherein Carl Johnson has to drop off one of Jizzy's girls. The DNA strand is a snapshot location and a camera pickup can be found nearby. A Sparrow helicopter can be found on roof of building, although the roof is only accessible with a jetpack or an aircraft, preferably another helicopter.