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The following are dialogue and mission scripts as heard during Buyer's Market in The Lost and Damned.


Elizabeta Torres: Hey, hey, Johnny, the big bad biker man.

Johnny Klebitz: Liz Torres, the meanest bitch in Bohan.

Elizabeta: Come here, sweetie.

Elizabeta moves in towards but Johnny steps back.

Johnny: Shit, I'd let you kiss me but I'm afraid you'd stick a knife in my back while I was doin' it.

Elizabeta continues dancing.

Elizabeta: You wouldn't be the first man I'd tried that trick on, sweetie.

Johnny: Yeah I heard the stories. Listen I also heard you got somebody for that brown?

Elizabeta: Maybe. There's an apartment on Cassidy Street in Shottler. You go upstairs and talk to Charlie on the third floor.

Johnny: There any heat?

Elizabeta: When isn't there? I've got a new guy going along with you. He's from Eastern Europe somewheres. If the heat's coming from Charlie, use this Slavic motherfucker to help. But if it's him. You know what you gotta do.

Johnny: Well either way it ain't coming back to you, Liz.

Elizabeta: Ah, you know Playboy? He's going along, too. Hey Playboy!

Playboy X is shown dancing with an unnamed asian woman.

Playboy X: Yo, chill for a second yo.

Johnny: Nah, not really.

Elizabeta: Don't you wanna dance?

Johnny: Nah, I'll just sit right here and wait for your boy.

Johnny walks over and sits on Elizabeta's couch. Time passes and Niko has already arrived.

Elizabeta: Surround yourself with cocaine and the asshole's soon follow.

Elizabeta and Niko laugh.

Elizabeta: Hey, Johnny!

Johnny: Yo!

Elizabeta: Come over here. Come here.

Johnny: Yeah!

Elizabeta: Niko, this is Johnny. Now, Johnny is sitting on a big pile of heroin. I don't go near the stuff... professionally... but I found him a buyer. We're nervous. Will you oversee the deal and check everything is cool?

Niko Bellic: Sure.

Elizabeta: Thank you.

Johnny: Well, I got to go pick up the stuff so, uh, I'll see you there.

Elizabeta: A'ight.

Cutscene ends, Johnny leaves Elizabeta's and meets up with Brian in an alley.

Johnny: Gimmie that shit man. We got a buyer.

Brian Jeremy: I don't know why Billy got you to handle this and not me. I mean what's up with that, eh? I guess you Semites are good at sniffing out a deal, ain't that right Johnny?

Johnny: He didn't get you because Liz Torres and any other two bit hustler on the street would take you for the little pussy that you are and rob you blind. Now gimmie that shit. See you around big guy.

Cutscene ends, Johnny leaves the alley and heads to the apartment. He heads up to the third floor and waits for Niko and Playboy X.

Niko and Playboy X enter the building.

Playboy X: Buyer is some Asian dude called Charlie.

Niko: Like in Vietnam?

Playboy X: Just like the movies, money.

Niko and Playboy meet up with Johnny on the third floor.

Niko: Hey, you ready?

Johnny: Sure, let's do this. Nothing like selling some dope to let you know you're alive.

Niko: Let's go.

Playboy X: Yeah let's do this.

Johnny: Alright, come on.

Charlie: Hey... what's going on guys, whats going on?

Johnny: Not much. Let's do this.

Charlie: You've got the heroin? Right? Right?

Johnny: C'mon, let's do this, quickly.

Charlie: But you've got the heroin, correct? You're carrying it, correct? I mean it's a simple question.

Johnny: What's wrong with you? You're being fucking weird.

Charlie: Not weird, man, I just wanna know if you're carrying the stuff right?

Johnny: You ain't right, friend... c'mon let's get out of here.

Johnny moves slowly into the next room while Niko and Playboy back up towards the stairwell.

Charlie: LCPD! Freeze motherfucker! I said freeze!

Cutscene ends, Johnny is taking cover in the next room.

Johnny: Split up. You head for the roof, I'll go down! Fuck 'em all!

Playboy X: Yo, money! We going up!

Niko: Fuck you! (While attacking NOOSE)

Niko: Fuck off! (While attacking NOOSE)

Johnny escapes the building, and evades the police. The mission ends.