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File:Hippy Shopper logo.png
Hippy Shopper logo

Hippy Shopper is a business based in Hashbury and Queens in San Fierro, San Andreas. The store in Queens becomes an asset for Carl Johnson, after completing four delivery side-missions, and earns up to $2,000 a day. The Hippy Shopper is based on Happy Shopper.

Motorcycle Courier

GTA San Andreas sidesteps its otherwise anti-drug storyline and presents a side-mission where Carl apparently plays a narcotics courier.

The mission is activated by getting on the Freeway parked outside the Queens branch of Hippy Shopper. A short time limit is given to deliver a bag of white powder to certain designated places in the whole city of San Fierro. Once all the packages have been delivered, Carl must return to the store to collect a commission. The amount of money paid relates to the amount of packages left and the time taken. After a few seconds some more targets are offered and Carl must deliver more packages in the same manner. The number of destinations and the distances between them increases over the four missions. Once they are complete, the Hippy Shopper would become an asset for Carl, generating a maximum of $2,000.

The Freeway motorcycle remains parked outside the store and the player may run the mission endlessley to earn extra cash.