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*I come in peace.
*I come in peace.
*You are poised for extinction.
*You are poised for extinction.
*I do not wish to hurt you.
*I believe this is how you fight.
*I will throw with my right?
*I will lead with my right.
*I will spill your fluids.
*I do not wish to engage in violence.
*You do not understand.
*Premative, but effective.
*I will not spill your red fluids.
===Construction worker===
===Construction worker===

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Ammunation Clerk

Big Smoke

  • Damn, fool!
  • Ah, look out.
  • Watch where you're goin', moron!
  • Excuse me.

Carl Johnson

Well Stacked Company Clerk

Cluckin' Bell Clerk

Burger Shot Clerk

Female Clothing Shop Clerk

Male Clothing Shop Clerk

Los Santos Boxing Trainer

  • Yo, you wanna see some new moves?
  • Man you're an embarassment! Get yourself some muscles first!
  • Fine man, but the streets are mean dude!
  • Alright, but I'll know you'll be back!
  • Wanna go on a round with me?
  • You charge at him and batter your opponent!
  • (to the boxers) That's right, keep breathing!
  • Don't give the opponent the time to recover.

San Fierro Kung Fu Master

  • So, you wish to become a warrior!
  • You are weak like flat weed! Get yourself some strength!
  • Observe with the eyes young student and you will learn!
  • The warrior's path shall bring you back!
  • Would you like to spar with your master?

Las Venturas Streetfighting Teacher

  • You want to see some new moves?
  • Come back if you change your mind, man!
  • Alright man, pay attention!
  • Want to have another round with me?

Indian pedestrian

  • (farts) My ass is stinking!
  • Shit cock bastard head!
  • Smell my fingers!
  • You fucking shitface!
  • Aeyyy!
  • I kill you!
  • Dumb bastard!
  • You shit!
  • I'll get you!
  • Take this, you dick!
  • You want some of this?
  • I studied martial arts in Kathmandu!


  • Place your bets!
  • Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen!
  • An offer of credit has been made, Sir.
  • The house is prepared to offer you credit, Sir.
  • The house regonizes _ credit rating.
  • Sorry, Sir, you don't have enough funds.
  • No more bets, please!
  • No more bets, ladies and gentlemen, please.
  • No more bets, people.
  • You win!
  • You win, Sir, well done.
  • Congratulations, Sir.
  • Thank you, Sir, have a nice day.
  • Thank you for playing, Sir.
  • Jackpot!
  • Another win for Sir!
  • Blackjack!
  • Blackjack! House Exclusive!


Police Boat

Countryside Police

Police Helicopter

Motorcycle Police

Los Santos Police

{{arrange}}{{expand}} {{toc}}===Ammunation Clerk=== {{AudioTranscript| odyM3THMXvk | *Everything a patriot could want! *If you want to ice your wife or stop a truck, I got what you need. *They, uh, all lost their serial numbers. *I don't do big military orders. *You hard yet? *If the cops ask, you didn't get a deal, ok? *I didn't sell you this, right? *Have fun! *Hope you kick some ass! *The choice of a proffessional. *Works well in a crowded area. *The revolution is coming! *There are cultists everywhere, friend. *The wars are coming, you hear? }} ===Big Smoke=== *Damn, fool! *Ah, look out. *Watch where you're goin', moron! *Excuse me. ===Carl Johnson=== {{AudioTranscript| hLgatPkIgHg | ====Being Arrested==== *Come on, do I look like gangster? I’m a businessman! *Whats wrong? You ran out of donuts? *You can talk about this in the shower with your buddies! *Fuck you, one time! *Fuck you po-po! *Just shut up! *Well done, cop. Well done. *Ahhh, screw you, cop! ====Threatening someone with a gun==== *(when he's fat) Fat man's got a gun. *Ain't that a surprise, I've got a gun! *Welcome to San Andreas, fool! *Hey, what's cracking now? *Oh shit, I got a gat. *What's poppin' now? *You want to get ventilated, huh? *You want some lead in you? *Oh yeah? That's right, I'm just a mark! *I'm packing heat, fool! *G's up, fool! *What was you saying? ====Running away from the police==== *I AIN'T NO BITCH OFFICER! *I think you should stop with that shit! ====Car Jacking==== *Welcome to San Andreas, fool. *Remember, heroes get killed. *Shit fool, you just got jacked! *Give me this fucking car. *Grove Street needs your car. *Would you like to be a victim of a car jacking? Or a homicide? *I'm having that! *This is a robbery, don't make it a murder! *Isn't this what they mean by "carpool"? *I need that shit you driving! *What's you expect? It's America. *You gonna have to walk now, sucker! *I'm having this! *Gimme that fucking vehicle! *I'm a loser, so hate me. *Get out the ride! *Don't take this personal, but you getting jacked! *Get out the car! *Get outta here punk! *Roll up outta here. NOW! *Thats MINE! *Be cool, its just a jacking. *Gimme your whip fool! *Get carjacked, or get a beatin'. Easy choice, huh? *Don't blame me; blame society. *Now you can buy another one! *Fat man needs your car (when he's fat) *I'm too fat to be walking anymore bitch! (when he's fat) *Caught slipping again! *Hey, get out the car gangster. *Heroes get popped, move! *Blame society man! *Get out the vehicle! *Come on, get outta there! *You've been slipping again, huh? *Let's move on. *Go on fool, out! *Don't make me shoot you homie! =====Stealing A Bike===== *Gimme that fucking bike! *Damn, you fell off? *Gravity's a bitch isn't it? *You ain't gonna cry now are you? *Off the bike! *I'm having that bike! *Get off that bike! *Now don't make this get really ugly. *You just got jacked! *OFF! *Don't mind me! *Keep quiet and you won't get beat up over no bike. *You want a beating as well? *Gimme that bike! *Don't make this worse for yoursef! *I want your bike! *I need your bike! *I'm gonna have to borrow this bike! *I'm having this bike! *GET yo' ass off. *I need to borrow this bike bitch! ====Crashing Into Another Vehicle==== *Did you buy your license? *Inbreeding makes you dumb, huh? *My car! *What kind of license you got? Fishing license? *Whats your poison: grin or gin? *Ah, for fuck's sake! *My car!! My fucking car!! *Having a bad week, huh? I'll make it worse, for that! *Your mom must be proud of your driving, fool! *Fuck, you hit me! *Damn! My Whip! *Did you steal your license?! *You hit me! I'm gonna hit you back! *Idiot! *What in fuck's name are you doing?! *My ride! Fool! *Ahhh, screw you! *Look where you going! *What you been drinking?! *How you allowed to drive if you blind?! *Oh, you asshole! My shit! *Can anyone in this state drive? *You've been drinking brake fluid! *Who let you out of the mental home? *Ahhh G! *You a comedian asshole?! *Now that ain't exactly funny! *You have to apologize before I get out and hit you! *You think that's funny? ====Falling From A Building==== *Oh, shit! *Damn! *What the fuck! *Bullshit! *I don't need this shit! *Oh, motherfucker! *I hate gravity! *Shit, damn! *Aaaah! *Oh, fuck, shit! *Noooo! *Oh, hell no! *Oh Jesus! Ahh! *Oh, no! *Aaaah, no! ====Fighting==== *Make it easy on yourself and run away! *Come on! Fight then! *Come on! Punch! *This gonna be easy bitch! *Oh, you real hard huh? *I warn you, I don't give a fuck! *You got scraps huh? *You got scraps huh bitch? *You think you tough? *Do you know who your fucking with? *Head up, you and me! *Your fucking with Carl Johnson! *You know who you up against? *You know who you messing with? *It's your funeral asshole! *You should back down and run away! *You little punk! *Run away fool! *You gonna back down soon? *Run away bitch! *Come on! Show me what you got! *Toe to Toe fool! *Come on asshole, then fight! *You just a bitch! *You dead motherfucker! *(when he's fat) I ain't a fat bitch, bitch! *(when he's fat) I'm gonna eat you fool! *(when he's fat) I'm gonna flatten you, fucker! *(when he's fat) I'm big but I ain't slow! *(when he's fat) I'm gonna put you to sleep punk! *(when he's fat) Who you callin' a fat slob? *(when he's fat) You got a problem with the big man huh! *(when he's fat) I ain't just a fat slob, asshole! *(when he's fat) I got weight on my side. *(when he's fat) I'm too fat to walk anymore punk! *(when he's robust) I'm gangsta. *(when he's robust) I'm showstopper! *(when he's robust) I ain't called Mr. Muscle for nothin'. *(when he's robust) I'm big and fast. *(when he's robust) Who you callin' a bendico? *(when he's robust) You got a problem with Mr. Muscle Man, huh! *(when he's robust) I ain't takin' this shit fool! *(when he's robust) I got muscle on my side. *(when he's robust) Yo ass is a waste of time, fool! *I'm rich and fucking crazy! (when he's rich) *Come on, fool, run away. *Nobody punches CJ! *You think you can take me on, you punk? *Give up, homeboy. *Let's do it, come on! *Oh, you think your hard? *I'm your worst nightmare fool, so give up. *You calling CJ a bitch? *You in a whole lot of trouble tough guy. *Go on, run away homie. *Let's go bitch. *Trust me, I don't give a shit. *Hit me then, homeboy. *Let's do it, come on. *It's on now! ====Killing Pedestrians==== *Welcome to America! *Call the army, I'm a fucking maniac! *Yeah, I'll shoot you in your face! *I'm a punk? Am I? *Welcome to San Andreas! *I don't give a fuck! *I'm a lunatic, fool! *I'm a well dressed maniac, fool! *Bitches! *Welcome to Ganton, fool! *Bang, bang, bang! *Asshole! *You should of stayed at home. *You tricks! *Punk ass bitches! *You mark! *G.S.F. for life! ====Picking Up Money==== *Guess you won't be needing this now *(when he's fat) This should help keep my belly full. *(when he's fat) Lunch money. *(when he's fat) I should use this for a good dinner. *Gimme that Grip! *Aww you so kind. *Ah, look at all this paper! *Thanks, bitch! *Next time you should put it in the bank! *I need this more than you, I think. *Is that all you got? Cheap fool! *Give me them dollars! *Come on, pay me! I'm a real criminal. *I'll take that paper. *That's going in my retirement fund! *Is this for me? *Gimme those chips! *Yeah, them ''my'' ducats ''now''. *I like to share too, thank you. *Hey, pay a nigga! *Send 'em ducats over here! *With a mean bastard like you''' '''around here, crime really don't pay. *Hey, gimme that paper! ====When the police are crashing into him==== *I'm not laughing, cop asshole! *You're fucking me off! ====Complimenting an NPC after they praised his apparel==== *These clothes? Yeah, they're tight. *Just some old kicks baby. *Straight. Good looking. *Fo' sho, thanks. *Yeah, they gangster ain't they? *This how Grove street kick it. *Thanks gangster. *Alright. Straight gangster. Know what I'm saying? *My G'ed up apparel? Yeah, straight. *Whatch you expect, huh? ====Complimenting an NPC after they praised his tattoo's==== *That's why I had them hit up on me. *Pure gangster, homie. *They just tat's fool. But I got the heart to back them up. *Yeah pretty gangster ain't they. *Yeah i hear you, cool. ====Complimenting a NPC after they praised his haircut==== *The fade? It's straight gangster. *This cut? Awe thanks. *Awe, thanks G. *Yeah, good lookin'. ====Complimenting an NPC after they praised his muscles==== *Thanks, I've been lifting a lot of weights. *Yeah, I've been lifting a lot, you know. *Yeah. Cool. Fo' sho. Thank you. *Awe, thanks. *Straight. ====Complimenting an NPC after they praised his hygiene==== *Yeah, I've just takin' up washing, G. ====Negative remark to an NPC after they've criticized his tattoo's==== *Why don't you shut your bitch mouth, punk! *Yeah, and you just a punk ass bitch. *Well why don't you go and join the line to bang your mama! ====Accepting a prostitute visit==== *Moms, I'm so sorry about this. *You don't have no VD do you bitch? ====Recruiting Gang Members==== *They told me you was a buster, prove me wrong. *I'm gonna put in some work, you down? *C'mon dude, roll wit' me. *C'mon man, we're families. *C'mon, Grove Street 4 Life dawg. *Dude you ain't no Balla or no buster. ====Losing at the casino==== *Fuck you and your casino! ====Singing==== *Warm it up Kane! Warm it up CJ! Warm it up Kane! *Girl you dropped a bomb on me! *Express yourself! Because i'm from Grove Street! *Never gonna get it, Never gonna get it, beyatch! *Young hearts be free tonigh....! Aww what was it... *Rollercoaster...! *Ain't nuttin but a G thang, bab-ay.... *Two loc'ed out nigga's going crazy.... *Move your body, move your body.... *Take your time and let me love you good.... }} ===Well Stacked Company Clerk=== {{AudioTranscript| odyM3THMXvk | *What do you want? *Chewy crust or sweaty crust, your choice sir! *Oh? Uh, what would you like? *What would ''sir ''''like''?''' *Everything's well stacked, sir. *Have a combination of cheese and fat, sir. *Here you go, enjoy! *We're out of napkins. *We stack 'em high, sir! *Here! Next! *Nice n' cheesy does it! *Enjoy your meal! Sir! *Have a well stacked day! *Careful:it's hot! *Kifflom gets a discount here. *That's a nice slice of Epsilon for you! *Fuck off, we ain't serving you! }} ===Cluckin' Bell Clerk=== {{AudioTranscript | odyM3THMXvk | *Yummy doodle-doo, how may I serve you? *Cluckity fuck, please place an order. *It's all processed chicken ass. *How may I further degrade myself sir? *Well, aloh-a-doodle-doo. *Don't choke on the bone fragments. *Hope you choke a doodle-doo! *You might be lucky to find a feather. *If you come back; you're a moron. *Get out of here, you're embarassing yourself!! }} ===Burger Shot Clerk=== {{AudioTranscript | odyM3THMXvk | *What may sir desire? *I am very proud to welcome you to Burger Shot! *What would you like sir? ====Serving CJ some food==== *Please enjoy your meal. *Slurp! My burger sir! *I've enjoyed serving you sir! *Munch all the way to bits sir! *Have a wonderful day! *I hope you're being self-conspicuous of yourself sir! *Please leave, sir! }} ===Female Clothing Shop Clerk=== {{AudioTranscript|odyM3THMXvk| *Welcome! *Try our clothes in the changing room! *It's exhillerating to have you here, sir. *Have a nice day sir! *Good choice sir! }} ===Male Clothing Shop Clerk=== {{AudioTranscript|odyM3THMXvk| *Well hello gorgeous! *Have a nice day honeybum! *It looks great on you. *We also have a wide selection of thongs. }} ===Los Santos Boxing Trainer=== *Yo, you wanna see some new moves? *Man you're an embarassment! Get yourself some muscles first! *Fine man, but the streets are mean dude! *Alright, but I'll know you'll be back! *Wanna go on a round with me? *You charge at him and batter your opponent! *(to the boxers) That's right, keep breathing! *Don't give the opponent the time to recover. ===San Fierro Kung Fu Master=== *So, you wish to become a warrior! *You are weak like flat weed! Get yourself some strength! *Observe with the eyes young student and you will learn! *The warrior's path shall bring you back! *Would you like to spar with your master? ===Las Venturas Streetfighting Teacher=== *You want to see some new moves? *Come back if you change your mind, man! *Alright man, pay attention! *Want to have another round with me? ===Indian pedestrian=== *(farts) My ass is stinking! *Shit cock bastard head! *Smell my fingers! *You fucking shitface! *Aeyyy! *I kill you! *Dumb bastard! *You shit! *I'll get you! *Take this, you dick! *You want some of this? *I studied martial arts in Kathmandu! ===Croupier=== *Place your bets! *Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen! *An offer of credit has been made, Sir. *The house is prepared to offer you credit, Sir. *The house regonizes _ credit rating. *Sorry, Sir, you don't have enough funds. *No more bets, please! *No more bets, ladies and gentlemen, please. *No more bets, people. *You win! *You win, Sir, well done. *Congratulations, Sir. *Thank you, Sir, have a nice day. *Thank you for playing, Sir. *Jackpot! *Another win for Sir! *Blackjack! *Blackjack! House Exclusive! ===Police=== ====Police Boat==== {{AudioTranscript | dFl5po-3SFw | *Suspect is overboard. *Where you gonna swim to? *Get out of the water, you can’t escape! *He tries to swim away! *There he is, in the water! *We’ve got a man overboard, a man overboard! *Oh, you think you’re a fish, huh? *Get out of the fucking water, right now! *There he is! *Get out of the fucking water! *Hey, get outta there! *We’ve got a suspect in the water. Repeat: A man in the water! }} ====Countryside Police==== {{AudioTranscript | yVNg5ipgUmg | *Police, move! *Excuse me, please! *Out of the way! *Don’t you push me there! *Police, out of the Way! *Get back here! *Come back here, you’re under arrest! *Stop running away, boy! *I will kill you, boy! *My daddy told me about guys like you! *You’re getting yourself in a whole heap of shit! *You think I didn’t kill bigger bands than you, pal? *I’m a racist, boy! *You don’t hit cops in my town! *I’m gonna mess you up, boy! *Out of your little mind, boy! *I can hardly wait to put you in! *You await your death, boy! *I see you, boy! *You think you’re tough now, boy? *You disgust me! *I’m on to kill you! *Hey, dump bastard, look at me! *You should play nice, boy! *I’m gonna put my pistol in your mouth! *Yeah, boy, happy now? }} ====Police Helicopter==== {{AudioTranscript | dFl5po-3SFw | *We've got a clear vision on our suspect and we’re about to open fire. *'''Co-Pilot:''' I see her, SHE'S beautiful! *'''Pilot:''' HE'S over there!! He's A GUY!! *'''Co-Pilot:''' Hey, when I kill him, do I get a medal? *'''Pilot:''' You get two! *This is aerial support - the suspect is about to get terminated. *You’re going down, hard man, right now! *Give up, the game’s up. *You think you’re hard, huh, asshole! *We’re the police, you moron, we’ve got helicopters! *This is aerial support - we’ve got a clear vision on our Suspect. *Put your hands up, it’s over! *'''Pilot:''' There is he, shoot him! *'''Co-Pilot:''' Why I always have to do the fucking Killing?! *'''Pilot:''' Because ''I'm'' a pacifist! Kill him! *Suspect is trying to escape - we have to soon stop that. *We had a headshot on you, tough guy. Stop! *This is aerial support - we’re about to neutralize all visible threats. *'''Co-Pilot:''' Hey, I can see my house from here- *'''Pilot:''' Hey, will you shut the hell up! *You, stop! *You’re in trouble now, bad boy. *This is chopper support - suspect is in sight. *This is heli support - I’m gonna put the suspect down! *This party is gonna be shot down! *You’re mine, tough guy! *You! Stop, or we will kill you! *We are the good guys, you little chump! *'''Pilot:''' Kill that asshole! *'''Co-Pilot:''' I’m trying, I’m trying! *'''Co-Pilot:''' You, stop! *'''Pilot:''' Just kill him, you pussy! *Suspect is escaping, repeat: Escaping! *You can’t escaping, asshole! *'''Pilot''': Stop! Police! *'''Co-Pilot''': I think he knows that by now! *You! Stop running! Now! *It’s time to shut you up, asshole! *'''Pilot:''' Playtime is over, kid! *'''Co-Pilot:''' Oh, you’re so dominating! *'''Pilot:''' Hey, do you see anything? *'''Co-Pilot:''' Higher! Shoot him! *'''Co-Pilot:''' Where is he? *'''Pilot:''' Over there, you dick, kill him! *You’re going to respect the law, pal! *Hey, stop, or we will kill you! *We’ve got a clear sighting