Vinewood in GTA III Era

The Vinewood sign, obviously based on the similar sign in real-life Hollywood.
Vinewood location
For the restaurant in Grand Theft Auto IV, see Vinewood Bar & Grill.

Vinewood is a affluent district in Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It is located in the north-central region of the city. The district is modelled after Hollywood in real-life Los Angeles, and also Hollywood Hills. Surrounding Vinewood are the districts of Richman, Rodeo, Mulholland, Temple, Market and Marina. Vinewood also appears in Grand Theft Auto V's rendition of Los Santos

The area is one of the most affluent parts of town, along with Richman and Rodeo. The district is home to many of Los Santos' movie stars, musicians, and models.

Typically, one can find more high-class vehicles and sports cars being driven around in this area.



Stationary Vehicles




Neighbouring areas


  • The Vinewood Sign, although intended to be in Vinewood hence the name, is actually located in Mulholland. (In real life, the Hollywood Sign isn't actually located in Hollywood, either.)
  • In the Chatterbox FM segment of the Liberty City Free Radio in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, a caller mentions Vinewood for producing "heartwarming movies" and says that if Vinewood makes such movies, he is to "start killing people himself and blame it all on Vinewood."
  • Vinewood's name may derive from a portmanteau of a real-life street in Los Angeles called Vine Street, which is in Hollywood.
  • There also is a (historical) plantation turned wedding chapel in Georgia near Atlanta called Vinewood, but this is likely a coincidence.