Ambulance Drivers Threaten Industrial Dispute

Long and harrowing hours have led to an increase in accidental mercy-killings by LC paramedics.

Ambulance Drivers Threaten Industrial Dispute is an article written for the Liberty Tree newspaper by Benjamin Mill in August 2001.


Our samaritans-by-profession have sadly become targets themselves.

Liberty City's ambulance drivers are threatening to go on strike over poor working conditions and the dangers associated with responding to 911 calls. The massive increase of gun crime in Liberty City in the past 8 years has resulted in a massive increase in ambulance call-outs to crime scenes, an increase not reflected in investment or protection offered to men and women who go out to save lives, armed only with a green smock and a stretcher. The job is highly dangerous and attacks on ambulance crews have increased a hundred-fold over the past few years. The result: less and less ambulance crews responding to more and more call-outs. The next result: longer and longer response times. A final result: a much greater likelihood of you or your loved ones bleeding to death after a messy shouting match with some spanked-up lunatics.

A spokesman for the ambulance drivers said, "The situation is out of control. Last month we had guys off the street driving ambulances and some of these guys didn't even have a driver's license. It was pure chaos. One woman gave birth in a gas station, while another bled to death after his cat got stuck in a tree." Hospital officials are worried that industrial action could cost them a lot of money.

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