Bearing the Truth

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Bearing the Truth
Game GTA V
Protagonist Michael De Santa
For Epsilon Program
Objective Wear the Epsilon Program robes for 10 consecutive days
Fail Michael removes the robes (not an outright failure, but resets the day counter)
Unlocks Delivering the Truth
Unlocked by Chasing the Truth

Bearing the Truth is a Strangers and Freaks mission in Grand Theft Auto V, given to Michael De Santa by the Epsilon Program.


Michael meets with Marnie Allen in an alleyway in Vinewood. She tells him that he must buy the Epsilon robes from the official Epsilon Program website for $25,000 and wear the robes for 10 consecutive days. After ordering the robes, it takes 24 in-game hours for the robes to arrive at Michael's wardrobe.

If Michael removes the robes at any time, the day counter is reset. After wearing the robes for 10 in-game days, Michael will receive a text message telling him to meet Tom near Fort Zancudo for his next task.


  • To complete this mission quickly, the player should access the save function (sleep in the bed) 40 times at the De Santa House. Otherwise, it takes 8 real time hours to complete the mission.
  • While attempting this mission, the player should not switch to Trevor or Franklin or partake in any mission or side activity which requires Michael to change clothes, as these will cause the day counter to reset. However, if the player bought the Los Santos Golf Club as Michael, then Michael can play golf without changing outfits.