Benson Burner!

Benson Burner!
Game GTA 2
For Billy Bob Bean, Rednecks
Location Mobile RV Park, Residential District, Anywhere City
Reward $50,000

Benson Burner! is a mission in Grand Theft Auto 2 given to protagonist Claude Speed by Redneck boss Billy Bob Bean. The mission is available from the top of the two yellow Redneck phones in the Mobile RV Park of the Residential District. The name of the mission is a pun of "bunsen burner".


Billy Bob Bean is angry at the police chief who is receiving a new Benson. He recruits Claude to replace the car with another one, which is rigged with a bomb.


Billy Bob Bean: "Hey, Rooster! Billy Bob Bean here. The Cop Chief is expecting a shiny new Benson but he's been givin' me shit so I want to surprise him. So steal me a Benson!"

(Claude pursues the indicated Benson and jacks it)

Billy Bob Bean: "Montana's got the explosives ready at the Trailer Park but he needs $5,000. Now you kill for cash if you need to, Rooster!"

(Claude collects the money and arms the Benson at the bomb shop)

Billy Bob Bean: "Praise The Lord, Rooster! Take this here Benson to Buckwheat's Crane and await the SIGN!"

(Claude drives over to the Crane)

Billy Bob Bean: "Dwight T has a trailer. Find a Truck Cab, Rooster, and we got ourselves transportation fer the Benson."

(Claude finds a random Truck Cab and jacks it)

Billy Bob Bean: "That's what I call a Truck Cab, Rooster. Now go get Dwight T's Trailer."

(Claude drives to the trailer and connects it to the Truck Cab)

Billy Bob Bean: "Drive the Trailer over to Buckwheat's Crane, Rooster, and get that there Benson loaded!"

(Claude drives the trailer to the Crane)

Billy Bob Bean: "Park the Trailer and let Buckwheat dump his load."

Billy Bob Bean: "GodDAMN son-of-a-bitch! Will you move your slack ass to Buckwheat's Crane!"

(Buckwheat places the Benson on Claude's Trailer)

Billy Bob Bean: "Deliver this Benson safe, Rooster, and I might just give you a shot at ma' Mary-Joe Bean."

(Claude drives to the Cop's Crane)

Billy Bob Bean: "The Trailer ain't gonna drive itself, Rooster. Get back in that Truck Cab!"

Billy Bob Bean: "Leave the trailer near the cop crane!"

Billy Bob Bean: "Let's see Montana's fireworks roast this Pig! Squeal, little piggy!"

(Montana enters the car, triggering the bomb which kills him)


The reward for completing the mission is $50,000.

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