Border Run

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The Border Run race route in GTA Vice City.

Border Run is a street race side mission available in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and is provided by A+B Auto. The races become available after Tommy Vercetti purchases the Sunshine Autos showroom.


The race begins when Tommy Vercetti goes to the A+B Auto garage at Sunshine Autos and pays the $1,000 entry fee. The race involves Tommy and the other racers driving around Little Haiti and Little Havana, running around the borders of the two districts, hence the name. The track is 3.1km (1.926 miles) long with Tommy required to finish in first place.


The reward for getting first place in the race is $4,000 and is required for 100% completion.


  • The 'track' is 1.926 miles long and is the third shortest race in GTA Vice City.
  • The race is the third cheapest to enter and the third lowest earning race in GTA Vice City.

Video walkthrough

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