Little Bighorn Ave

Little Bighorn Ave is a street in Los Santos, which runs from Rancho in the south to Textile City in the north and runs through La Mesa, Mission Row and Strawberry. The road has connections to Adam's Apple Blvd, Atlee St, Capital Blvd, Carson Ave, Crusade Rd, Integrity Way, Jamestown St, Macdonald St, Roy Lowenstein Blvd and Sinners Passage. The southern end of Little Bighorn Ave is controlled by the Los Santos Vagos gang. A small homeless community can be found along Little Bighorn Ave in Mission Row and the player can also pick up a prostitute in the same area.

Events of HD Universe

In the mission Chop, Franklin Clinton and Chop chase D through the Mirror Park Rail Yard and, after kidnapping him, escape using Little Bighorn Ave with Lamar Davis. A random encounter involving a man having his bicycle stolen also takes place on Little Bighorn Ave.

Business and places

Name Location Street Type
12 Little Bighorn Ave Rancho Garage
AGL Refrigerated Storage La Mesa Capital Blvd Storage
Arts Mission Row
Atomic Rancho Macdonald St Garage
Auto Repairs Strawberry Crusade Rd Garage
Discount Fabrics Wholesale Textile City Sinners Passage Fabric
Hayes Autos Strawberry Garage
Long Pig Mini Market Rancho Jamestown St Convenience store
The Look Depository Mission Row Atlee St Clothing
Los Santos Department of Water and Power Rancho Jamestown St State department
Material Wealth Fabric Storage Textile City Storage
Mirror Park Rail Yard Textile City/La Mesa/Mirror Park Integrity Way Rail yard
Mission Row Police Station Mission Row Atlee St Law enforcement
Mom's Tacos Rancho Carson Ave Food and drink
Panache Laundering La Mesa/Rancho Capital Blvd Laundromat
Santos Imports Inc. Textile City Imports
TGSA Textile Gallery Textile City/Mission Row Fabric