Roy Lowenstein Blvd

Roy Lowenstein Blvd is a street in Los Santos that runs from Davis in the southwest to Rancho in the northeast. The street has connections to Carson Ave, Covenant Ave, Dutch London St, Innocence Blvd, Little Bighorn Ave and Macdonald St. The Ballas control the part of the street in Davis while the Los Santos Vagos control the area in Rancho.

Events of HD Universe

Franklin Clinton starts five tow-truck Strangers and Freaks missions for Tonya Wiggins, covering for her boyfriend JB Bradshaw, at the LSPD Auto Impound. Franklin can later purchase the LSPD Auto Impound and begin side missions involving towing broken down or illegally parked vehicles.

Businesses and places

Name Location Street Type
Auto Parts Davis Automobile parts
Bean's Market Rancho Convenience store
Cabinets & Carpets Rancho Carson Ave Furniture
Cent Carpet Rancho Innocence Blvd Furniture
Diego's Davis Dutch London St Garage
Discount Beauty Store Rancho Macdonald St Beauty salon
East Los Santos Appliances Rancho Electronics
Express Laundering Davis Laundromat
Hayes Auto Body Shop Rancho Carson Ave Garage
Hearty Taco Davis/Rancho Dutch London St Food and drink
Hi-men Rancho Nightclub
LSPD Auto Impound Rancho Innocence Blvd Law enforcement
Malismo Appliances Davis Electronics
Motel Rancho Macdonald St Motel
Trinculo Clothing Rancho Clothing
Unnamed convenience sore Rancho Convenience store