Davis Ave

Davis Ave is a street in Los Santos, which appears in Grand Theft Auto V. It runs from Los Santos International Airport, continuing from New Empire Way, in the southwest to Rancho in the northeast running through La Puerta, Maze Bank Arena, Chamberlain Hills, Strawberry and Davis. There are connections to Alta St, Autopia Pkwy, Capital Blvd, Carson Ave Dutch London St, Grove St, Innocence Blvd, Macdonald St, New Empire Way, and Strawberry Ave. The street is controlled by the Ballas in southern Davis and the Los Santos Vagos in the north eastern tip.

Events of HD Universe

The protagonist of GTA Online is sent to Mosley Auto Service to destroy the cars on their lot by Simeon Yetarian, the damage of which can be seen months later, during the mission Blow Up. Michael De Santa is later put into the Strawberry Mortuary by corrupt FIB agent Dave Norton to identify the body of Ferdinand Kerimov, who corpse the IAA had claimed was being held in the mortuary, during the mission Dead Man Walking.

Businesses and locations

Name Location Street Type
Auto Fix Factory Davis Grove St Garage
Bad Day Goods Davis Innocence Blvd Discount store
The Beacon Theater Rancho Cinema
Bishop's Chicken Davis Macdonald St Food and drink
Central Los Santos Medical Center Davis/Rancho Capital Blvd/Innocence Blvd Healthcare
City of Davis Public Library Davis Macdonald St Library
Click Lovers Davis Innocence Blvd Electronics
Davis City Hall Davis Innocence Blvd Government
Davis Mega Mall Davis Carson Ave Mall
Discount Carpet Center Rancho Capital Blvd Furniture
Fowl Mouthed Davis Innocence Blvd Food and drink
Grociers Davis/Strawberry Carson Ave Supermarket
Hearty Taco Rancho Capital Blvd Food and drink
Liquor Deli Davis Food and drink
LTD filling station Davis Grove St Filling station
Maze Bank Arena Maze Bank Arena Arena
Mom's Tacos Davis Innocence Blvd Food and drink
Mosley Auto Service Strawberry Carson Ave/Strawberry Ave Garage
Porn Crackers Davis Innocence Blvd Adult
RON filling station Davis Macdonald St Filling station
She Nails Davis Innocence Blvd Beauty salon
Sheet Yourself Laundromat Davis Innocence Blvd Laundromat
Strawberry Mortuary Rancho Innocence Blvd Mortuary
Zany-Z's Hot Dealz Davis Innocence Blvd Discount store



  • ATM (at the LTD filling station)
  • eCola vending machine (at the LTD filling station)
  • EgoChaser (at the LTD filling station)
  • Meteorite (at the LTD filling station)
  • P's & Q's (at the LTD filling station)