Cash and Burn

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Cash and Burn
Frying some potatoes.

Frying some potatoes.
Game GTA Chinatown Wars
For Zhou Ming
Reward None
Unlocks Dragon Haul Z
Unlocked by Missed the Boat?

Cash and Burn is a mission given to Huang Lee by Zhou Ming in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.


(At Zhou's Residence)

Zhou: The Koreans have had to relinquish their protection racket in Castle Gardens, thanks to your repeated attacks on them. Why did you do this?

Huang: I had my reasons.

Zhou: Oh, yes -'revenge'- you're an idiot. We used to get a slice of that deal, but now some Irish thugs have taken over, we get fuck all.

Huang: ...Well, I'm sorry about your bottom line, tough guy.

Zhou: Don't be! With your idiocy, you've accidentally created a wonderful opportunity to show the businessmen that the Irish 'insurance' they just bought doesn't protect them against fire damage."


There is no monetary reward for this mission, however the next mission: Dragon Haul Z is unlocked.

Mission Replay description

"My attacks on the Koreans caused them to lose a protection racket in Castle Gardens.

The Irish Killers moved in, but Zhou had me burn them out.

I love the smell of baked potato-heads in the morning."


  • The mission's name is a play from the quote "Crash and Burn", an idiom to suddenly destroy something, such as totaling a car at a high-speed impact.