Missed the Boat?

Missed the Boat?
The boat stalling while being chased by authorities.
The boat stalling while being chased by authorities.

The boat stalling while being chased by authorities.
Game GTA Chinatown Wars
For Wu Lee
Location East Island City, Dukes, Liberty City
Reward 10 bags of Heroin
Unlocks Cash and Burn
Unlocked by Street of Rage

Missed the Boat? is a mission given to protagonist Huang Lee by his Uncle Wu Lee in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.


Mission Briefing

Uncle Kenny wants Huang to take a boat and head out to sea to meet a dealer carrying some drugs for him. Huang gets to the boat and quickly heads out to the dealer, however his boat keeps cutting out and he gets into trouble...


Once you have watched the cutscene, drive to the indicated location. Once there get in the indicated boat. You will have two minutes to get to the dealers boat, so motor it away. Your boat's engine will soon fail, and you will have to play a minigame wher you will need to restart it (instructions are ingame), once you get to the dealer he will give you the drugs. But then a coast guard helicopter will fly over you. Now you will need to escape the coast guard and head back to the indicated jetty. The boat will stall on occasions, so watch out. A small "Boat Health" meter will appear at the top of the screen, don't let this deplete. Once you lose the helicopter head to the indicated jetty whilst avoiding the Coast Guard Dinghys. Once you get to the jetty the mission is complete.


(At Kenny's Warehouse)

Kenny: So, that fucking sword was stolen by a secret group within the Koreans. In that case, you were right to attack them, Huang.

Huang: Their boss's still out there he could be anyone.

Kenny: Not anyone: he had Yu Jian stolen specifically to embarrass and stop me succeeding Hsin. Asshole.

Huang: So, whoever this guy is, he's benefited from your loss in standing with the boss? And let's be honest, Uncle, you look like a bit of a prick right now.

Kenny: I wouldn't say prick, I'd say, tough, noble, warrior fallen on hard times, but I won't labor the point so, we would be wise to watch Chan and Zhou closely from now on. A snake and a gimp.

Huang: Do you think one of them is preparing to whack Hsin?

Kenny: I don't know, but we should get back on good terms with that stupid old bastard. He's been asking me to help his wonderful mob 'friends' bring a boat full of merchandise into the city. They should be arriving anytime now...

Huang: Leave it to me Uncle.

(At the exchange point)

Mobster: Hey, our Chinese delivery boy made it. I hope you got extra duck sauce.

Huang: Very fucking funny.

Mobster: You think I'm funny? Like a clown? You think I'm a joke?

Huang: I saw that film too, you cretin. Now shut up and give me the gear, or I'll show you what I think about clowns.

Mobster: Okay. Okay. Jeez - take it easy. Tight ass prick.

Coast Guard: You in the boat - you are under arrest! We aren't kidding around, Mister! Prepare to be boarded!

Huang: Lousy piece of ... COME ON!

Coast Guard: We need to check your cargo. You in the boat... Cut your engine! Hey! Where're you going?

(At the docks)

Mobster: Say thanks to Hsin, but we'll take it from here, noodle-boy.


The reward for this mission is 10 Heroin; the next two missions, Cash and Burn and Sa-boat-age, are also unlocked.

Mission Replay description

"The big boss, Hsin, wanted us to start working with the mob.

Uncle Kenny sent me to bring in some of their contraband coming in by the boat.

I got into some shit with the coast guard, thanks to a piece of crap boat Uncle Kenny provided."