Cathay Theater

The Cathay in GTA San Andreas.

Cathay theater, also known simply as the Cathay, is a distinctive movie theater in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas located in Temple, Los Santos.


Sporting an oriental architectural design, the theater is based off the real life Grauman's Chinese Theater; the "Cathay" name itself is an alternate, lesser known term that refers to China as a country. The game's depiction of the theater also includes one "Mullholiday and Dulaly" on its marquees, implying it is more of a movie title rather than an actual part of the theater's name (Indeed, the El Dritch theater opposite the Cathay is also showing the same film, complete with its movie poster).

The theater plays one prominent role during "Management Issues", when the player, on orders from OG Loc, is required to kidnap Alan Crawford as he leaves an award ceremony at the theater, and kill him.