Caught with your Pants Down/Walkthrough

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The following is a walkthrough for the mission Caught with your Pants Down in The Ballad of Gay Tony.

Get to Star Junction and get in Yusuf's Swift. Fly as close to the Skylift holding the APC to trigger the cutscene (Fly straight toward's it, as you were crashing in to it). Once you get close enough,a cutscene plays. Yusuf will take the wheel, and give you Advanced Sniper rifle. Shoot the yellow bolts holding the APC. Take out the back two then the front right and the other one (do this within 10 shots to get Sharpshooter) When the Skylift drops the tank in the air, jump out of the Swift and Parachute onto the Broker Bridge. You now have a 4 Star Wanted Level, get to the Algonquin side and start destroying Police Cars, (getting the Cop Cars Destroyed requirement is very simple). Resist the temptation of simply shooting, then running over any cop car chasing you, as enough close range explosions will put the APC in flames, failing you the mission. Once you're down to one star, get out of the search radius and deliver the APC to Yusuf's construction site in Castle Gardens and receive your $10,000 reward.