Chop the Dog (game)

Chop the Dog
Chop the Dog
Chop the Dog
DevelopersRockstar North
Rockstar Toronto
PublishersRockstar Games
Release datesiOS
United States Canada 16 September 2013
United Kingdom Europe 16 September 2013

Australia New Zealand 16 September 2013
Japan 16 September 2013

PlatformiOS devices
Android devices
Windows phone
LocationLos Santos

Chop the Dog is a companion app included in the iFruit app for iOS, Android devices and Windows phone. The player plays as Chop for three re-playable missions, while his new owner Franklin Clinton takes care of him off mission at their home in Vinewood, Los Santos by feeding him, playing with him and cleaning up after him.

The player's actions in the app directly affect Chop's abilities in Grand Theft Auto V - Chop can learn tricks (sitting, giving his paw, and begging) and become "happier", which increases his obedience.

Instead of money, the player uses credits to buy various foods and drinks for Chop and different coloured collars to wear in GTA V.



In this mission Chop is at the Park, protecting his "bitch", a pink poodle, from various other dogs who are trying to get her. Random pick-ups will be placed about, a blue clock to gain additional time, beer that will slow him down, energy drinks that will speed him up, and bags of coke that make the screen wobble, but otherwise have no other effect.


In this mission Franklin's car has broken down in the middle of a street in Ballas territory. The player will control Chop and try to keep as many Ballas away as possible as they attempt to smash up Franklin's car with pipes. The same pick-ups appear in this mission,


In this mission Chop and Franklin are relaxing at the beach, as Chop runs around ripping off girls bikinis as they wander in their vicinity. The same pick-ups apply, and in this mission Chop must also avoid flying Frisbees and "juiceheads" trying to hit Chop.

Caring for Chop

Chop has various drinks and foods that he can eat, all with a different percentage of satisfying him.

  • A slab of steak 60% (100 credits)
  • A chicken leg 40% (80 credits)
  • A doughnut 30% (60 credits)
  • Dusto 20% (40 credits)
  • Heavy Boy (20 credits)
  • Raine 100% (80 credits)
  • Pißwasser 10% (50 credits)
  • Junk 50% (60 credits)
  • Sprunk 30% (40 credits)
  • Tap water 15% (20 credits)
  • Green collar (Already owned)
  • Brown collar (120 credits)
  • Black and White collar (140 credits)
  • Silver collar (160 credits)
  • Pink collar (200 credits)
  • Gold collar (achieve gold medal in all three missions)