A suggestive TV commercial for Pißwasser beer.

Pißwasser (mispronounced in-game as "pisswasser"; the correct pronunciation is actually "pissvasser") is a fictional German export lager frequently advertised in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto V. 'Wasser' in the beer's name translates into English as 'water', making the beverage's literal name 'piss water', which is a slang term for cheap, watered-down beer. Billboards seen in-game expand the urine references, even going so far as to suggest the bottles contain nothing but urine (perhaps in reference to the urine in Corona beer rumor). Furthermore, the television ad has labeled the brand with the words 'Ü-Rhine', which is probably also a nod to the Rhine river in Germany (also a pun on "urine"). The labels on the bottles are similar to Grafenwalder's labeling. The beer's slogan is "You're In, For A Good Time", once again playing to the urine theme.

The radio and TV advertisements for the beer feature variations of a song sung by a stereotypical redneck man with lyrics that portray comically exaggerated effects of alcoholism, including "giving a dude head" and "driving drunk off a pier". A pack of Pißwasser costs 6 dollars at 24/7.

Some webmasters have received a six-crate Pißwasser from Rockstar[1], one notably to UK website ComputerAndVideoGames.com[2].

A Pißwasser bottle, and the M-60 were both weapons used in the deaths of a protagonist.


Television/long radio jingle

Last night, I think I shit the bed,
Got so drunk, I gave a dude head,
Life is just a merciful blur,
When you pop a Pißwasser.
Pißwasser, don't drink it slow,
3 a.m., buy some blow,
Sleep in the bathroom on the floor,
What really matters anymore?
All the crap you do all day,
Who fucking cares anyway?!
Pißwasser, this is beer!
Drive drunk off a pier!
Pißwasser, drink all day!
It helps your troubles go away, yeah yeah!
Pißwasser: cheap German lager for export only.

Short radio jingle

You work your nuts off everyday,
A proud American all the way.
Life is just a merciful blur,
When you pop a Pißwasser.
Pißwasser, this is beer!
Drive drunk off a pier!
I love drinking all day long,
I beat my girlfriend while I sing this song.
Pißwasser: cheap German lager for export only.



  • The Pißwasser website, as seen on their advertisements and registered by Rockstar, is http://www.piswasser.com. However, the eszett, ß, is properly replaced by a double, rather than single 's', and is generally replaced by the double 'ss' by the web browser if entered directly into a domain name—'piswasser.com', for example, can be accessed by going to http://www.piswaßer.com instead.
  • In the Lost and Damned mission It's War, Johnny Klebitz, Billy Grey, Brian Jeremy and a few other unnamed Lost MC members have a toast to their recently fallen brother Jason Michaels with some Pißwasser beers. After Billy's speech the Lost all chug the beers and smash the bottles before departing.
  • Franklin Clinton can drink Pißwasser in his house on Forum Drive.
  • Trevor Philips can drink Pißwasser in his trailer in Sandy Shores.
  • A Pißwasser bottle was used in the murder of Johnny Klebitz. He was smashed in the face with it, splitting open his cheek and knocking him to the ground disoriented. Immediately after this Trevor Philips preceded to stomp on his head until his skull cracked open.

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