Clean Getaway/Script

The following is a script of the mission "Clean Getaway" in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Vlad: Ahh, yokel there you are, okay.

Niko: Vlad.

Vlad: Come on, let's go for a walk, okay?

Niko: Right.

Vlad: Okay, come on.

Niko: Where are we going?

Vlad: To my car.

Niko: Why?

Vlad: Because of your cousin owing me a lot of money and until he pays me, your fresh off the boat yokel ass is mine. What the fuck you mean why?

(Vlad shoves people out of his way as he heads down the sidewalk)

Niko: Hey, you're a pretty relaxed guy, huh Vlad?

Vlad: Come on. Move, you old hag. Come on, yokel.

Niko: What's wrong with you? You gonna jump me?

Vlad: No... I had a late night last night. Spent it with Mikhail.

Niko: Great.

Vlad: Yeah... wild.

Niko: So who the hell is Mikhail?

Vlad: Mikhail's the man... shit my nose is bleeding. Is my nose bleeding?

Niko: No. Not yet.

Vlad: Fuck face. Come on.

(Vlad walks in front of a moving taxi)

Vlad: Wait! I'm walking here. Let's go. Damn city always trying to run you down, huh?

(A hobo begs Vlad for change)

Vlad: Get a job, you deadbeat crack head.

(Vlad kicks him away)

Vlad: Man, where do these people get off? Like I'm gonna pay for their drug habits? Well say something... you're so fucking laid back. Moron! Come on.

(They get in Vlad's car, and he starts snorting coke)

Vlad': Want some?

(Niko refuses)

Vlad: Good.

Niko: We walked all the way down here so you could snort coke?

Vlad: No... listen, aaah, that's better... agh that's better. Man, Mikhail gets the good stuff... it's got some laxative in it, though... gives you stomach problems.

Niko: Nice detail.

Vlad: Yeah, listen, ah... where were we?

Niko: I don't know.

Vlad: Oh yeah... So, I need you to head up to Dukes and get a car for me. It's a silver Blista, and it's parked in the projects by E.I.C. subway station, okay?

Niko: Sure. You got keys?

Vlad: Err, no, yokel, I need you to take the car. Asshole owes Mikhail some money. Take his car instead, eh?

Niko: We gonna drive over there?

Vlad: What?

Niko: Are we going to drive over there?

Vlad: No, you're gonna take the train, buddy. You think I wanna be in a car with a peasant? Come on, I'm gonna go meet somebody... have a little party...

Niko: Okay. Fine.

(Niko gets out and Vlad drives off)

Niko: Have fun... dick head.


Niko: This car belong to Vlad?

Jimmy: No, it's mine, who asking?

Niko: It belongs to Vlad now. You should pay your debts.

Jimmy: You that fat Russian's bitch? Just try and take.

(Niko takes the car)

Jimmy's friend: That's Jimmy's car.

Jimmy's friend: Jimmy ain't being punked by a bitch like you.

Jimmy's friend: You ain't gonna jack Jimmy's car off him, son.

(If Niko is pulled out of the car)

Jimmy: How am I gonna make money without my car?

Jimmy: I don't owe Vlad shit.

Jimmy: Vlad can fuck off.

Jimmy's friend: Get your ass up on out of there.

Jimmy's friend: Like I said, that's Jimmy's ride.

Jimmy's friend: Only Jimmy sits in that seat, cracker.

(Niko calls Vlad)

Niko: I have your new car, Vlad. It's not pretty though, real dirty.

Vlad: Dirty? I can't sell a dirty car. I know your cousin likes them dirty. Maybe your whole yokel family drive around in their dirty cars but it's not the way over here. Fucking peasants don't do nothing right.

Niko: Hey, I could fuck this car up worse than a little dirt.

Vlad: Relax man. You should lose your edge. There's a carwash over on Saratoga Avenue. Just take it there and then to my lockup just off Mohawk. Did they give the car up easy?

(if Jimmy is not hurt)

Niko: It was easy. I didn't even have to hurt the guy.

Vlad: Good, dead guys can't pay interest, you are learning.

(if Jimmy is injured)

Niko: He's a little bruised, but he gave it up easy enough.

Vlad: Good, dead guys can't pay interest, you are learning.

(if Jimmy is dead)

Niko: He was reluctant, he is dead now.

Vlad: Stupid bastard, at least I got my money.

Post mission phone calls

Niko: I put the car in your lockup.

Vlad: You not as stupid as you look, yokel. Come back to see me at the bar soon.

Vlad: For a peasant you did okay. Car looks good. The girl I am taking out tonight is going to be impressed.

Niko: She won't be impressed by the way you look, so clean car is good thing. Later on.

(or if the car was delivered in bad condition)

Vlad: Hey, yokel. What the fuck? That car you got to me, it looked like shit. I got a hot date tonight.

Niko: Too bad, man. It was clean, wasn't it? Well, maybe you should stay home. Goodbye.

Failing the mission

Jimmy's car is destroyed

Niko: Hey, Vlad. The car you wanted, it's... how you say? Fucked.

Vlad: You're going to be fucked when I'm done with you, yokel. Come back to see me.

Niko: I hope you're going to buy me dinner first, Vlad. I'm not that easy.