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Some users and staff believe that the current system of grouping games into Eras is artificial and should be replaced.

This page is an attempt to formulate an alternative suggestion, based on the issues those users have with the Era system.

Page Content Current Title Proposed Title
A listing of the closely-related games after GTA III and before GTA IV GTA III Era 3D Universe

GTA III - GTA Vice City Stories

A listing of the very closely-related games GTA IV+Episodes+ChinatownWars that all occur in Liberty City GTA IV Era GTA IV - The Ballad of Gay Tony
An explanation of the interlinked plot between GTA IV and its episodes (not Chinatown Wars) Missions in GTA IV Era Missions in GTA IV - The Ballad of Gay Tony
A page about the Liberty City variant that appears in GTA IV, its episodes and Chinatown Wars Liberty City in GTA IV Era Liberty City in HD Universe
A page about the city of Liberty City in GTA III and LCS Liberty City in GTA III Era Liberty City in GTA III and GTA Liberty City Stories
or Liberty City in 3D Universe
In an article, explaining which games the Enforcer features in The GTA III, IV and V eras
Almost all games since GTA III
The 3D and HD Universes

GTA III - GTA V (except GTA Advance)
All games since GTA III (except GTA Advance)
GTA III - San Andreas and GTA Liberty City Stories - GTA V

My issue with migrating to universes and/or game lists is that we end up with lots of different titles depending on the content (as shown above). This is confusing for readers and editors, as opposed to the single, simple system of eras.

Then if a new game comes out, we have to rename EVERY article to say "in GTA V - GTA San Fierro" then again to "in GTA V - GTA Las Venturas", and then update all links and templates.