Cutting the Grass

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Cutting The Grass
For Salvatore Leone
Target Curly Bob
Location Saint Mark's, Portland, Liberty City
Fail Player death
Kill Curly Bob before he meets Miguel and Catalina
Scare Curly Bob
Curly Bob escapes
Reward $15,000
Unlocks Bomb Da Base Act I (after completing Blow Fish)
Unlocked by Chaperone

Cutting the Grass is a mission in Grand Theft Auto III given to protagonist Claude by Leone Family Don Salvatore Leone from his mansion in Saint Mark's, Portland, Liberty City.


Salvatore tells Claude that someone in the Leone Family is a rat, selling secrets to the Colombian Cartel who are manufacturing SPANK somewhere in Liberty City. Salvatore tells Claude to follow Curly Bob, a barman at Luigi's Sex Club 7 who has been spending more money than he earns at Luigi's. Claude drives over to Luigi's and follows Curly Bob, who takes a taxi to Portland Harbor, where he meets Catalina and Miguel of the Cartel. Catalina hands Bob the SPANK, with Bob then telling them of the Leone Family's problems with the Triads and the Forelli Family. After Catalina and Miguel leave, Claude kills Curly Bob.


Salvatore Leone: Leave us alone for a minute. The Columbian Cartel is making SPANK somewhere in Liberty, but we don't know where, and they seem to know everything we're doin' before we do. We got us a rat! There is a guy named Curly Bob works the bar at Luigi's. He's been throwing more money around than he's earning. He ain't pimpin' or pushin' so he must be talking. He usually gets a taxi home after work. So follow him. And if he's rattin' us out... kill him.

(Claude tails Curly Bob from Luigi's Sex Club 7 to Portland Harbor)

Miguel: Here comes our little friend, Mr big mouth himself.

Catalina: Were you followed? You know what goes on here is our little secret.

Curly Bob: No... no I wasn't followed. You got my stuff?

Catalina: Here's your SPANK, squealer, now talk.

Curly Bob: OK, so the Leone's are fighting wars on two fronts. They're in a turf with the Triads with no sign of either side giving up. Meanwhile Joey Leone has stirred up some bad blood with the Forellis. Every day they're losing men and influence in the city. Salvatore is becoming dangerous and paranoid. He suspects everybody and everything.

Catalina: With loyalty like yours, what has he possibly got to worry about.


The reward for completing the mission is $15,000 and the mission Bomb Da Base Act I, if Blow Fish has also been completed.



  • Parking a Taxi directly behind the one waiting outside Luigi's can result in Curly Bob entering the player's taxi instead, meaning he can be driven straight to Portland Harbour instead of having to follow him there.
    • If this happens, the on-screen mission prompt will change from "Curly's left the club, tail him!" to "drive him to Portland Harbour".
  • Curly Bob can sometimes commit suicide by going over into the sea; this would not affect the mission if he does.
  • After this mission, pedestrians no longer appear in Portland Harbor. This may be due to a glitch.

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