Portland Harbor

Portland Harbor in GTA III, as viewed towards the northeast from Trenton. Les Cargo is visible to the right.

Portland Harbor is a shipyard located in Portland, Liberty City. It appears in Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto Advance and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.


Portland Harbor is based on Brooklyn Navy Yard. Portland Harbor's design is what one would expect from an average seaport. The district only houses a collection of warehouses, loading docks, shipping cranes (large and small), shipping containers and large freighters docked along the harbor's docks. The harbor is revealed in GTA Liberty City Stories to be undergoing upgrades still circa 1998, as a row of warehouses were under construction in the district.

Portland Harbor's apparent links with a local workers union led by Jane Hopper has also resulted in the harboring being shut down during GTA Liberty City Stories' Portland mission strings, circa 1998, when the main entrance into the harbor is blocked off by harbor workers, protesting in sympathy of ferry workers, who are staging a similar demonstration at Harwood. If the player ventures into the harbor while the workers are still picketing at the gate, the workers will turn hostile and pursue the player, similar to protesters at the Harwood ferry terminal.

Points of interest

In Grand Theft Auto III, a Colombian Cartel ship filled with SPANK (dubbed Les Cargo) is docked here, but is destroyed in Salvatore Leone's mission "Bomb Da Base Act II". In addition, a garage at a warehouse, first featured during "Van Heist" and unlocked thereafter, will accept Securicars stolen by the player for money. Two Import/Export are also located within the district in GTA III, one, which predominantly accepts commercial and industrial vehicles, is based in a warehouse, while the other, which takes the form of a ship with a magnetic crane, accepts emergency vehicles.

In GTA Advance, set in 2000, a Pay 'n' Spray is located here.