Double-Cross Crush!

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Double-Cross Crush!
Game GTA 2
For Billy Bob Bean, Rednecks
Location Mobile RV Park, Residential District, Anywhere City
Reward $30,000

Double-Cross Crush!, also known as Gang Car Bang! is a mission in Grand Theft Auto 2 given to protagonist Claude Speed by Redneck boss Billy Bob Bean. The mission is available from the top of the two green Redneck phones in the Mobile RV Park of the Residential District.


The Rednecks are annoyed with the Zaibatsu and SRS so they hire Claude to start a gang war by killing 50 (20 on PlayStation) of each gang with their rival's gang car.


Billy Bob Bean: "Hey, Rooster! Billy Bob Bean here. I'm real pissed with the Zaibatsu and SRS troublin' us so I want you to make 'em trouble each other. Go steal a Zaibatsu Z-Type."

(Claude drives into Zaibatsu territory and jacks a Z-Type)

Billy Bob Bean: "Right on! Drive over to the SRS area and start killin' scientists!"

(Claude runs down 50 Scientists (20 in the PlayStation version))

Billy Bob Bean: "You did it, Rooster! Now steal an SRS Meteor and drive into Zaibatsu village."

(Claude drives into Scientist territory and jacks an SRS Meteor, then travels into Zaibatsu territory)

Billy Bob Bean: "Kill 50 of them there Zaibatsu with your SRS Meteor, Rooster!"

(Claude runs down 50 Zaibatsu (20 in the PlayStation version))

Billy Bob Bean: "Yee-ha! We got Zaibatsu killin' Scientists and Scientists killin' Zaibatsu. You sure are The Man, Rooster! Have $30,000 fer yer fine work."


The reward for completing the mission is $30,000.

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