Dukes Bay Bridge

The Dukes Bay Bridge in GTA IV, as viewed towards Bohan.

The Dukes Bay Bridge is a bridge over the Dukes Bay in north-eastern Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars that spans from south to north, connecting together the two boroughs of Dukes and Bohan.


The bridge is one of the more minor in the city (at least in terms of missions), but still remains popular among locals as it provides a valuable, fast and convenient means of transportation between the two boroughs, and additionally allows car users to avoid having to use the busier East Borough Bridge to travel between Dukes and Bohan. However, the bridge features toll barriers at the Dukes end, and a toll charge of $5 is required for travel. The East Borough Bridge and the Dukes Bay Bridge are the only two bridges in the Liberty City Metropolitan area that require a toll payment to use. Dukes Bay Bridge is subject to much traffic congestion due to its two-lane structure, there is only one lane for each direction of travel.

It is based off of the Throgs Neck Bridge in New York City due to location, yet does not bear any resemblance to the real bridge.


The Dukes Bay Bridge tollbooth, one of only two bridge-based tollbooths in Liberty City.

The Dukes Bay Bridge begins in eastern Bohan in the district of Little Bay. The bridge is accessed by driving along Sing Sing avenue, which leads into a steep downward incline as the road underpasses the Northern Expressway above. Upon reaching the other-side of this underpass, drivers will reach the coast-line and the beginning of the Dukes Bay Bridge. At the other (Dukes) end of the bridge, a toll barrier is reached and subsequent to paying, users are then able to turn left or right onto Dukes Drive in the Steinway district of Dukes.

Due to the fact there is little of interest in east Bohan from a GTA IV mission perspective, the in-game GPS more often guides Niko across the East Borough Bridge when travelling from Broker/Dukes to Bohan during missions, making it one of the lesser-used bridges in the game.

Mission appearances

Two missions in GTA Chinatown Wars prominently take place at the bridge:

  • Street of Rage: The place where Huang saves Heston and his police squad from being killed by the Korean assassins is along the Bridge and a nearby compound.
  • Wilhelm's third encounter: Wilhelm is spotted on the Bridge by Huang. He explains that the banks has foreclosed on his property and has "dropped" his keys into the Bay. Despite Huang's protests, Wilhelm commits suicide. Huang finds his keys on the pavement beside him and keeps the property for himself.

In addition, the bridge's toll plaza may play a role in the Lost and Damned mission Roman's Holiday, depending on how the mission is played.