Wonsu Nodong

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Wonsu Nodong
A Wonsu assassin
Games: GTA Chinatown Wars
Locations: Liberty City
Leader: Wu Lee
Type: Korean Crime Gang
Enemies: Triads
Affiliations: Midtown Gangsters
Weapons: Minigun
Businesses: Assassinations

The Wonsu Nodong are a group of Korean assassins that operate in Liberty City. They were formerly led by Wu Lee and helped him to weaken Hsin Jaoming's operations. It is possible that they were the ones sent to steal Yu Jian from Huang Lee upon his arrival in the city. The Wonsu assassins were also supposedly working with the Midtown Gangsters to gain independence from the Algonquin Triads.

In 2009, Officer Wade Heston suspected the Midtown Gangsters of harboring the individual responsible for the theft of Yu Jian, causing Huang Lee to carry out several attacks on them in the hope of uncovering the traitor. In response to this, the Wonsu Nodong were sent to eliminate Heston and his men. The assassins ambush and kidnap him at the tollbooths on Dukes Bay Bridge. Huang Lee comes to his rescue, killing many of the assassins but failing to find out anything about his father's killers from a dying gang member.


  • Nodong is an actual place in North Korea, implying that there might be a connection between them and the Korean gangs in Alderney. Nodong could also be a play on the words no dong, as in no penis.
  • The Wonsu Nodong use the same character models as the Midtown Gangsters in GTA Chinatown Wars.
  • Despite popular belief, the Wonsu Nodong are not the same group as the Midtown Gangsters, but instead a sub-sect acting as enforcers for them, similar to Murder Inc. of La Cosa Nostra.