Street of Rage

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Street of Rage
The minigun-wielding Wonsu Assasin.

The minigun-wielding Wonsu Assasin.
Game GTA Chinatown Wars
For Wu Lee
Location Bohan Industrial, Bohan, Liberty City
Reward $200
Unlocks Missed the Boat?
Unlocked by Weapons of Mass Distraction

Street of Rage is a mission given to protagonist Huang Lee by Wade Heston in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.


Mission Briefing

Huang Lee arrives at Wade Heston's apartment only to find that he is not there. He exits the building and gets an e-mail from Heston saying that he and his squad are pinned down by Wonsu assassins near the tollbooth in Steinway.


This mission is pretty straight forward. Head down to the indicated location. You will see bunches of enemies surrounding Heston's squad. Take out this first bunch of enemies (don't forget to pick up their weapons) then go behind Heston's squad and kill the other group of enemies. Once that is done head to the indicated marker, then head towards Heston. You will find him bleeding and tied up, and a Wonsu Assasin holding a minigun saying he will kill Heston. You will automatically take cover bahind a wall. There are grenades in front of this wall, so you can use them against the assasin. Shoot him continuously to bring him down. Huang asks him for Yu Jian, and the assasin tells Huang to "go fuck himself" as he dies.


(At Heston's Safehouse)

Huang: Heston? HESTON?

(The Assassin's Last Stand)

Heston: Huang? Over here!

Huang: Well, you picked a fine time to O.D., dumbass.

Heston: Oh, you're killing me with the humor. Why don't you try one of your lame gags on this guy, and get me the fuck out of here?

Asassin: Keep back! I'm warning you! I'll kill him if you don't let me go! I'm happy to kill him, man! Very happy!

Heston: Take the bastard from a distance, Huang!

(After the gunfight)

Huang: Where's Yu Jian? Where's my father's sword? Come on. Speak. I need that fucking sword.

Assassin: ...Our Boss has it.

Huang: Who is your Boss?

Assassin: Interesting question. And if I wasn't dying, maybe you could torture me and find out. But as I am dying, I can happily tell you to go fuck yourself. You'll find out soon enough.

Heston: Nice one, Huang! You killed our only lead!

Huang: My father had to be avenged!

Heston: Yes, and what better way to avenge him than to kill a low level gang banger letting the boss go free? Without a lead we'll never find their boss?

Huang: All you care about is making your bust so you can save your ass from IAD. This city is full of busts.

Heston: I want THIS Bust! You screwed up, Huang.


The reward for this mission is $200. The next mission; Missed the Boat? is also unlocked.

Mission Replay description

"I saved Heston's ass. He'd been cornered by the assassins that stole Yu Jian.

Unfortunately, I killed the assholes before they could tell us who their boss was. Heston got pissed off about that, so I made out I was 'avenging my father'.

It didn't wash. He was right - we've lost any chance of finding Yu Jian and their boss now. I can be such a fuck-up at times."